The Cutting Edge

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Sarah Kirkham and Anna Warren of Tactile Craftworks visit Dremel headquarters and meet Brittany Hopper, product manager for the Digilab Laser Cutter. Brittany introduces them to the laser cutter, from unboxing to setup to using the machine and software.
Back in their Milwaukee workshop, Sarah and Anna create one-of-a-kind leather luggage tags using the Dremel Digilab Laser Cutter and other tools.
Sarah and Anna tackle a more complex project: a no-sew, all-leather tote bag that requires high levels of precision to come together. They rely on the Digilab Laser Cutter to make these precise cuts.
3 Lessons
30  mins

In this three-part series, leather artisans Sarah Kirkham and Anna Warren of Tactile Craftworks go on a journey to improve their product line with a slick new laser-cutting tool, the Dremel Digilab Laser Cutter.


Dremel is an American brand of power rotary tools helping makers with its full line of versatile, easy-to-use tool systems deliver the perfect solution for almost any project. Combining compact size, ergonomic design, precision, and versatility with a wide range of highly engineered accessories, Dremel tools can be used to accomplish numerous applications with a variety of materials.


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One Response to “The Cutting Edge”

  1. Dana Holt

    Just thought everyone should know that this laser cutter has been discontinued and no longèr available.

Dremel Laser Cutter Information Sheet

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