Katrina Walker

SINGER® Presents: Fancy Flatlocked Table Décor

Katrina Walker
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SINGER® Presents: Fancy Flatlocked Table Décor
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Dress up your table with cheerful color by serging a fun and easy table runner and placemat set. Add some ribbon accents for a little extra pizazz – flatlock stitches and the SINGER® SO100 serger make everything simple. This quick project is so fabulous you’ll want to make a set for every occasion!
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58  mins

Katrina Walker

Katrina Walker is an educator and designer specializing in textiles, construction and surface design techniques. She also writes and creates designs for publications such as Threads and Stitch.

Katrina Walker

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13 Responses to “SINGER® Presents: Fancy Flatlocked Table Décor”

  1. Catherine Amabile


  2. Annette

    Love the flat-lock seam especially with the ribbon. The faux binding was very practical & it is a great practice piece. Thanks. Annette

  3. Marilyn

    I love this design! I have bought a Janome serger& been a bit hesitant to try it. This looks like a good project to try it out, all straight serger seams. I had no idea what a flat lock seam was. I loved this class! Thank you, Katrina!

  4. Genice Gorman

    Thanks Katrina! Always learn something new when I watch one of your classes.

  5. P Diedericks

    Loved your class. Thank you.

  6. Suzanne

    I enjoyed this class. That is beautiful! loved the mitered corners also. Nice teaching and course.

  7. Suzanne

    That is beautiful! loved the mitered corners also. Nice teaching and course.

  8. Sue Resop

    I tend to like the idea of using batting in my table runners. If I were to do that where would you suggest I stitch in the ditch to "sandwich" the top, batting and backing? I love the look of this table runner and have it on my list of projects to do! Finally a good use for those jelly roll packs I bought last year LOL Thanks for the great inspiration :)

  9. Adelheid

    This was a very enjoying class and I lerned a lot. But I have a question about after washing: is it still that beautiful ? Does the flatlock stay that flat?

  10. Christine Ighomuarye Etaduovie

    I want join class to become member

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