Peter Reinhart

Perfect Pizza at Home

Peter Reinhart
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Ponder what makes the perfect pizza with Peter Reinhart.
Learn Peter's methods for creating four different dough types.
Create different sauce types and learn the best cheeses to use on your pizza.
Get tips on adding your pizza toppings and baking it in your home oven. Also learn how to make Sicilian pizzas.
Prefer to eat gluten-free? Learn how to make a tasty gluten-free crust.
5 Lessons
1  hrs 32  mins

Stretch your dough and your imagination as Peter guides you through each step of making a pizza. You’’ll make pizza sauces, consider cheese options and bake five types of dough in your conventional home oven. Impress Italian purists with a slice of your Sicilian-style homemade pies, cook creative flavor combinations for more adventurous palates and even provide gluten-free pizza lovers with mouth-watering meals.

Peter Reinhart

An internationally renowned expert on bread and baking, Peter Reinhart is an instructor at Johnson & Wales University and a TED Talks speaker. He’s the author of five bread-baking books, including “The Bread Baker's Apprentice,” which won both the James Beard and IACP Cookbook of the Year awards, as well as the International Gourmand Award for Best Baking Book in the World. Peter has spoken extensively on bread as a metaphor in the search for meaningfulness.

Peter Reinhart

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31 Responses to “Perfect Pizza at Home”


    No recipes 😥, i am already a member but access to download material is not given in any class and i bought so many

  2. Cynthia Belcher

    Does anybody answer these questions?

  3. Cynthia Belcher

    Is there a special dough for calzones?

  4. Brenda Reynoso

    The way he explains almost makes me want to study culinary arts. How he calls the garnish dramatic, how it has to have flow, I'm sure he's a great teacher, makes me love cooking even more.

  5. Maria Whitcraft

    Great class. Is there a white sauce recipe that you would suggest?

  6. juniata

    love your class!!! am wondering how would I make a calzone from the dough--would I use same ingredients and the pan pizza or the round thinner crust type? Thanks in advance Jana

  7. Vincent Camuto

    Can I use the doughs on the same day?

  8. Carolynn Abendroth

    Hi all. I've been making Peter's pizza dough with great success for years. I'm so grateful for his easy style of teaching and wonderful content. Has anyone tried freezing dough? I believe that SOMEWHERE it was suggested that the dough would successfully freeze, thaw and bake. I'm wondering if anyone has done that, because mine has not worked very well after freezing. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  9. wendy dioguardo

    i have been watching you for years and took your sourdough class ... you are so informative and calming in your teaching ... i was wondering if you have a great thin crust dough i have been searching for years

  10. Janice

    Your download ingredient list is not working

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