Joshua John Russell

Man About Cake Season 5

Joshua John Russell
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Man About Cake Season 5
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What do you call an octopus made of modeling chocolate? A choctopus, silly! Well, that or "Joshua's signature design." He's here to break it down with a cake that both crustaceans and critics are giving eight tentacles up.
How do you celebrate America? In red, white and buttercream! JJR's got just the cake, complete with a blue- and red-velvet interior, retro Americana design and, you guessed it, even a touch of pyrotechnics. Save a slice for Lady Liberty.
What happens when pop tart meets pop art? A Man About Cake episode, naturally. Tune in as JJR creates a pop-art inspired cake full on fun 3-D effects and, yes, crushed pop tarts between layers of jam filling. (We swear we didn't raid a college pantry to make this thing.)
This is definitely not a cake about that one show. You know, that show with the dragons... and all the winter? That one everyone seems to be into? Nope, definitely not a cake inspired by that. (But just between us, if you're into that show, you should probably tune in.)
Laverne had Shirley. Butch Cassidy had the Sundance Kid. Let's face it, it's pretty great having a partner in crime, but it's even sweeter when it's Amber from SweetAmbs Cookies! Tune in as Joshua tats up the henna cake, Amber's makin' cookies to match.
Ever wanted to wrap your cakes in retro fabric? Yeah, neither have we. But this retro cherry design that's inspired by fabric… that's a whole different story. Look out world, JJR's kickin' it old school (right in the cherries).
Wild things happen when steampunk squares off with the world of couture… like Alexander-McQueen-inspired cakes with sculpted brass-knuckle toppers. Yeah, we went there; join us.
The perfect wedding cake can be a real beach. But our resident cake slayer has you covered with a sweet beach-themed wedding cake, including a crazy-cool technique for making modeling-chocolate oysters. Give it a try! The world is your, well… you know the rest.
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Welcome to Man About Cake, a weekly YouTube show full of laughs… and tiers. Kick it with our Caked Crusader, Joshua John Russell.

Joshua John Russell

Joshua John Russell is an Atlanta cake artist and popular instructor. He's also the star of the YouTube series "Man About Cake." He learned baking and pastry arts at Johnson & Wales University, but his elegant and detailed cake designs are all his own. A finalist in "Last Cake Standing," he has appeared on the "Food Network Challenge" 15 times, showing the world cake artistry that is by turns ornate, over-the-top and seriously cool.

Joshua John Russell

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5 Responses to “Man About Cake Season 5”

  1. Marilyn De León

    hi darling octopus don't have legs they have tentacles

  2. Pink Icing

    Hi, what size copper wire did you use? Also, did you make the modeling chocolate or is it better to purchase since it seems to be quite a lot of chocolate? TIA

  3. Brandi Pitts

    Hi the recipe for the toasted marshmallow buttercream is not in the recipes link. Does anyone know the recipe? Thank you!!

  4. Kandise Crocket

    I will like to see a hole Season of 3D cakes.

  5. Hein Family

    You know nearly nothing about actual fashion, but that cake is adorable!


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