Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

Food Function Flow: Stress Workshop

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio
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Pam Anderson shares a recipe for overnight oats that can transform your stressful breakfast routine into a pleasurable start to the day.
Pam Anderson introduces you to cauliflower steaks and shows you how to prepare them as a delicious and stress-free meal.
To make cooking stress-free, Pam Anderson shares a versatile tomato sauce recipe that can be used for multiple dishes eliminating the need for last-minute meal planning and reducing stress in the kitchen.
To keep yourself calm and healthy, learn how you can make a special golden tea to help you experience the benefits of stress-reducing spices and stay relaxed throughout the day.
To improve your health and counter the negative effects of stress you'll learn how to focus on stress transformation rather than just stress management.
Dr. Kristen Bentson's instructional video emphasizes the importance of incorporating specific foods into your food approach to help transform your body's stress response.
Learn how to support stress transformation and mood with targeted supplements.
Learn how to naturally manage your body's stress response with Dr. Kristen Bentson's go-to strategies and techniques for stress transformation.
In this yoga video, you will be guided by Laurel Attanasio through targeted poses and breathing techniques designed with your stress tranformation in mind.
This video is the conclusion to the Food, Function, Flow Healthy Stress Workshop.
10 Lessons
1  hrs 4  mins

This workshop will give you a practical, holistic approach to stress management that works.

Take the stress out of cooking. Stock up and then internalize a few techniques and formulas, so when you open the fridge, you won’t just see a bunch of ingredients — you’ll actually see dinner!

Adapt a functional health approach by understanding the best foods and supplements for stress and anxiety.

In his yoga flow you’ll work on linking your breath with your movement, which calms the nervous system and brings you into the present where stresses from the past and future begin to lose their impact.

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

Something sparked on the day a health-conscious NYT bestselling cookbook author, a functional health & nutrition expert, and a world-traveling yoga instructor came together to create a wellness event. These three women — Pam Anderson, Dr. Kristen Bentson and Laurel Attanasio — with vastly different backgrounds, quickly learned that their combined years of experience created the perfect balance for individuals to learn how to cultivate a lifestyle of wellness in food, function, and flow.

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

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