Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

Food Function Flow: Immunity Workshop

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio
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Learn to craft an immune-boosting 'imparfait' for breakfast, made with adaptable, seasonally fresh fruit, your choice of yogurt, a touch of sweetener, and a crunchy nut topping, all of which can be enjoyed at home or on-the-go.
In Pam Anderson's how-to video, you learn to prepare an immunity-boosting, hearty main-course salad.
In Pam Anderson's video, you learn how to make a quick, hearty, immunity-boosting frittata.
The video demonstrates how to make Pam Anderson's Union Square Cafe Bar nuts, a savory snack featuring warm roasted nuts coated with a mixture of rosemary, unrefined sugar, salt, and cayenne for a fragrant and flavorful treat.
Learn about the basics of functional medicine and functional health as Dr. Kristen Bentson explains how different epigenetic factors like food, exercise, stress management, sleep, rest, and exposure to environmental toxins can influence genetic expression.
Dr. Kristen Bentson discusses the importance of a diet for a healthy immune system and gives tips on what to eat to bolster the body's defenses.
Dr. Kristen Bentson shares her recommended immune-boosting supplements, botanicals, and nutraceuticals, highlighting their beneficial properties, cautioning about potential health considerations, and advising on safe purchasing practices, with emphasis on the importance of a healthy lifestyle as the foundation for the use of these supplements.
In this video, you'll learn how exercise affects immune system.
Laurel Attanasio guides a yoga practice focusing on poses to boost immunity, emphasizing opening the respiratory system and energizing the body, and starting with a series of breathing exercises and various poses including twists, side stretches, and forward folds, all while encouraging mindful breathing and alignment.
This video is the conclusion to the Food, Function, Flow Immunity Workshop.
10 Lessons
1  hrs 5  mins

This workshop will give you a practical, holistic approach for strengthening your body’s defenses that works.

Easily add immunity-rich ingredients into each meal of the day. No recipe required!

Power up your natural defenses with plant-based whole foods rich in phytonutrients while skipping the added sugar, numbers, and chemicals.

When we reduce stress, we strengthen immunity, so get on your mat, move with intention, and simply slow it all down.

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

Something sparked on the day a health-conscious NYT bestselling cookbook author, a functional health & nutrition expert, and a world-traveling yoga instructor came together to create a wellness event. These three women — Pam Anderson, Dr. Kristen Bentson and Laurel Attanasio — with vastly different backgrounds, quickly learned that their combined years of experience created the perfect balance for individuals to learn how to cultivate a lifestyle of wellness in food, function, and flow.

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

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