Gary Faigin

Draw Better Portraits: Capturing Likeness

with Gary Faigin

Draw Better Portraits: Capturing Likeness - Supplies and Resources

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11 Responses to “Draw Better Portraits: Capturing Likeness”

  1. Alysia

    Very helpful class! I love his teaching style too. This reminds me of a project I had in a graphic arts class. We had to cut out shapes from Bristol board we had painted. Then, glue the shapes together, by layering them, to form a face we had cut out of a magazine. Then I took a drawing class that basically taught me to start with “average” proportions! The face from my graphics class actually looked more like the person than the ones from my drawing class. This approach makes so much sense.


    My god, Gary Faigin is such a great teacher. That feature-swapping example in the first lesson was just superb. What a clever and compelling way make an important point, and to make it memorable in the mind of any student who might initially have been a bit like “erm yeah yeah, whatever, how else are you going to draw someone and make it look like them?” (I myself might have been a little bit guilty of that up until that point haha)

    Anyway, I won’t be skipping this course, that’s for sure!

  3. Emma Price

    This course is Fanbloodytastic I agree with what the others are saying thank you very much for this

  4. Melinda Yeoh

    Hi Gary,
    This is the first time I’m learning portrait drawing this way, and it’s very helpful. To focus on the foundation of mapping instead of tackling the eyes, nose, and mouth from the beginning.
    I wonder if it’s possible to use pen instead of charcoal for this technique? If yes, how to adapt it? As the mapping with charcoal is different than mapping with pen. I use fine liner pen primarily for my drawings.

  5. Tricia Sarracino

    Thank for the orderly way of viewing the subject through shapes. I understand now how everyone can draw when viewing the subject by shapes. I have always had an interest in portrait drawing but only freehand without knowing the basics of the structure when viewing the subject. I am looking forward to the next lesson.


    Great insight into the concept of “likeness” which we thrive for in portrait drawing. Journey thro’ the various aspects in a short span of time. Brilliantly insightful.

  7. May Elsanhoty

    This course is very useful .
    I was searching for a course that is very informative in drawing portraits and i finally found one . It helped me alot

  8. ali axim waheed

    This is an amazing class for people who have interest drawing portraits.
    Most of us has been drawing and came up with beautiful subjects without knowing what and how we came up!
    This class helped me how to use my subconscious mind while drawing and sketching. This means it’s a good source of practice for my Second drawing to improve my drawing skills.

    ■Recognizing people and shapes
    ■Mapping faces or Area
    ■Refining the shapes or stepping to next level observation
    ■Drawing variations or understanding the existing subjects rather then what’s on our mind.
    This is the most important steps for a master to focus on with his subject but most of us do it on auto pilot in our mind unconsciously.

    Thank you so much for this class Sir Gary Faigin
    For teaching me this beautiful lesson in Art.

    I no longer keep on drawing Miss Average now!
    I learned how to catch the existence rather then the average in my mind, and compare the deference between the what I was thinking and what I am looking at.
    I also like the lesson for mapping the face! It thought me how to keep my stress out from the subject and start to come up and finish with a happy ending. Shape next to shapes……this is beautiful ! If we start our subject carelessly observed we come up with a distortion shapes next to each other we end up mapping distorted.

    Looking for more new classes on art with Gary’s teaching techniques!

    Thank you!
    Greetings from Maldive islands

  9. Abdul Awal

    This is one of the most informative and wonderful classes I have ever attended. I have learnt many new things from this class. Thank you Mr. Faigin for your excellent and easy method of teaching.


    You seem to be very heavy with the charcoal at this stage, is that on purpose for the filming, or are you usually that heavy, and want us to be as well? It just comes across as overly “dark” in places.


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