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Protect Your iPad in Style, Sew an iPad Case

By Craftsy
iPad WristletIn celebration of the release of the Craftsy app, we went looking for some great iPad accessories. We sure had our pick of fantastic projects! These iPad covers, cases, and accessories, all sewn by our very own Craftsy members are great examples of how you can adorn (and protect) your iPad with style and creativity! Read more »

Quilting Blog

Maker Monday: Meet Craftsy Quilting Instructor, Sarah Fielke

By David
Craftsy Instructor Sarah FielkeIn this free video, expert hand quilter and Craftsy instructor (the class she teaches is brand new, and it's called Big Techniques from Small Scraps), Sarah Fielke, gives us some background on herself. She tells us when she started quilting, who inspired her to quilt, her favorite teaching moment, and what the ladies in her quilting group first thought of her work! Read more »

Sewing Blog

Fitting Pants Perfectly: Project Spotlight!

By Stefanie Japel
Fitting Pants PerfectlyPerfect pants can be made of any fabric, and can be one of a ton of different styles. But all perfect pants have on thing in common: perfect fit! These Craftsy projects show how members of our community are making their own trousers and modifying ready-to-wear pairs for the perfect fit! Read more »

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Brioche Knitting Inspiration: Project Spotlights!

By David
Brioche Knitting InspirationBrioche knitting is getting to be a pretty hot thing here in the US! That's thanks in part to Nancy Marchant, who brought this popular European technique over to our shores. But she's also brought her knowledge to Craftsy where she teaches the online Craftsy class, Explorations in Brioche Knitting. Here we take a look at some of the creative knitting projects on Craftsy that employ the brioche method. Read more »