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10 Must-Knit Sweaters to Add to Your Queue

So many sweaters, so little time! Whether you’re into knitting sweaters that let you kick back and crank out allll the stockinette, or are looking for something that requires a little more concentration, we’ve got 10 gorgeous patterns to keep your needles busy. 1. Simply Seamless Seamless sweaters have a lot to offer — most…

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Learn New Knitting Techniques With These 10 Hats

From graphic stripes to more complicated double knitting, hats are the perfect canvas to practice and learn new knitting skills. They’re pretty small, so you aren’t committing to a lifetime of work, and except for some crown shaping, you basically just knit a tube. (Keeping the structure simple means you’re free to focus on your…

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8 Recipes to Grill Up This Weekend

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with throwing some hot dogs and store-bought beef patties on the grill and calling it a day. But when you’re ready to level-up your BBQ game, these recipes are here for you. 1. A Better Burger Move over beef; the ultimate turkey burger is in the house! The secret to tasty…

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6 Genius Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Sew

If you love to sew, it’s only natural that you want to pass along that enthusiasm to your kids or grandkids. After, all there are so many fun projects you can tackle together! As soon as you have your specific creation in mind, these are the tips you’ll want to keep in mind to make…

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5 Crochet Garments to Round Out Your Wardrobe

Crochet doesn’t always get a lot of love when it comes to garments, but we’re here to change all that. From cardigans, to vests, and even a baby sweater — don’t miss out on making these gorgeous clothes. 1. Classic Cardigan This crocheted cardigan is sure to become a wardrobe staple. Half double crochet creates…

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