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"This was my first online course, and the structure and infrastructure far exceeded my expectations. The ability to pause, make notes, repeat, stop and return to a spot is just amazing. Thank you!” - Nick H.

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"My instructor was really right there with me all the way. After an initial problem with my dough, she encouraged me to pinpoint what was going on and continue. I have since made fabulous croissants, pains au chocolat and savory croissants." - Marie U.

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"I watched this class at the beach while I was on vacation in California. I came home with the confidence to sew a dress from this gorgeous print I had bought more than a year earlier. It's a joy to wear that dress, especially when people ask me where I bought it!" - Victoria M.

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"How much fun was this! My first Craftsy class and I can't wait to continue. The course was very well organized and the instructions and visuals (both electronic and printed) were effective and easy to follow." - Jane H.

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