• Sugar & Alternative Sweeteners for Baking

    How to Cream Sugar & Alternative Sweeteners for Baking

    We have all heard that baking is a science, but do you know how sugar functions in your baked goods? Join Pastry Chef Colette Christian as she shares everything you need about sugar and helps you understand how it effects flavor, color, tenderness, texture and even rise in baked goods. Explore the common types of…

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  • freshly baked donuts

    How to Make Classic Doughnuts

    For a truly decadent doughnut, head into the kitchen with Pastry Chef Jenny McCoy to create a classic yeasted doughnut that will rise to the occasion. Jenny‚Äôs step by step one bowl method for creating fortified dough with sugar and extra butter is better than any doughnut you can buy. Jenny shares her secrets to…

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  • pouring chocolate glaze over donuts

    How to Fill & Glaze Doughnuts

    Now comes the really fun part of doughnut making: filling and decorating. Join Pastry Chef Jenny McCoy as she steps you though finishing off those beautiful yeasted doughnuts. Jenny shares pointers on transferring and filling up a pastry bag with a variety of fillings. Then she uses a Bismarck tip and demonstrates filling Long Johns,…

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  • making custard

    Fillings for Doughnuts & Pastries

    Add another flavor dimension to your doughnuts with a variety of fillings including a summery strawberry jam, a delicate vanilla bean custard, bright and smooth lemon curd and a silky sweet mascarpone filling. First, Jenny steps you though creating a stovetop strawberry jam made from fresh strawberries. Her recipe is perfectly thickened with natural pectin…

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