• 11:45

    Using Nuts, Spices & Salt for Better Baking

    Find out how to boost the flavor of your baked goods with nuts, salt and spices with the guidance of pastry chef Colette Christian.

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  • Sugar & Alternative Sweeteners for Baking

    How to Cream Sugar & Alternative Sweeteners for Baking

    We have all heard that baking is a science, but do you know how sugar functions in your baked goods? Join Pastry Chef Colette Christian as she shares everything you need about sugar and helps you understand how it effects flavor, color, tenderness, texture and even rise in baked goods. Explore the common types of…

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  • Chocolate Babka being sliced on a cutting board

    How to Bake a Bread Wreath & Chocolate Babka

    In this lesson, Jenny McCoy introduces you to a classic Jewish bread called Challah that is soft, golden brown and slightly sweet. It is known for its ability to create gorgeous braided centerpieces and makes wonderful gifts for family and friends. Join Jenny as she shows you how to create two stunning breads from one…

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  • baked breads in paper boats

    How to Bake the Best Quick Breads

    Jenny’s impressive quick breads make the perfect gifts and delicious treats for holiday gatherings. In this video, watch as she prepares pumpkin chocolate chip bread (her modern twist on the seasonal favorite) and apple-cranberry bread packed with whole-grain goodness. Not only does Jenny share her recipe tips and tricks, but she shares the science behind…

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