Jen Lucas

Knitting Fabric on the Bias

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   5  mins

Knitting on the bias is an interesting concept, and one that can be used to turn a simple project up a notch. Jen Lucas plays around with knitting on the bias by showing several swatches to explain how to get knitted fabric to move in different directions.

To begin, Jen looks at a standard knitting swatch, worked in Stockinette stitch. She then shows a swatch where a yarn over (increase) is placed next to a knit two together (decrease). When the increase and decrease are worked right next to each other, no fabric bias occurs.

In the next swatch, the increase is placed a few stitches away from the decrease. The knit two together decrease is at the center of the Stockinette stitch swatch. It’s observed that the fabric starts to bias, with the stitches leaning towards the decrease. The stitches to the left of the decrease do not bias – they continue to look like a traditional knitted fabric.

Finally, Jen looks at a swatch where the increase is worked on the right edge and the decrease is worked at the left edge. With the increase and decrease being worked so far apart, the entire swatch is on the bias, with the stitches leaning towards the decrease.

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