Suzanne Brooker

Guidelines for Painting Facial Features

Suzanne Brooker
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Duration:   27  mins

You’ve done the hard work of finding your big proportions, and your portrait is well on it’s way to completion… all that’s left is the last round of painting on the facial features! If you’re nearing the final stage of your painting and looking for ways to add details and finishing touches that will elevate your work to a professional level, this video is for you!

Join instructor and expert portrait artist Suzanne Brooker as she provides an in-depth look at how to bring life into each individual feature—learn to capture the specific character of your model’s eyes, and make them feel like they’re rounding back in space, get tips and techniques for painting the contours and shadows of the nose and mouth, capture subtle angle changes in the ear so it feels integrated with the skull, and learn how to suggest the play of light in your model’s hair. Finally, watch Suzanne demonstrate how to use the process of oiling out to see the true colors in your painting, ensuring that sure your finished portrait has a harmonious and unified quality to it.

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