Rachael Teufel

GoodCook One Pan, One Batter, 3 Flavors - SPONSORED

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   30  mins

One pan. One batter. Three flavors that’ll have your taste buds doing a dance! Join cake designer and baker, Rachael Teufel in her kitchen as she whips up this light and refreshing treat with a burst of lemon, lime, and orange flavors. In this lesson, Rachael will show you how to jazz up your own cake recipe or even a box cake mix to elevate the flavor profile allowing you to offer a few unique choices to your guests all at once with minimal effort. The BestBake MultiMeal pan by GoodCook provides an easy solution to quickly bake three delicious cakes in less time and less mess. Along the way Rachael uses some of her favorite kitchen tools from GoodCook that help improve efficiency in the kitchen, like the dual direction microplane zester and citrus juicer with built in pourer. Then, Rachael shares one of the easiest ways to keep a cake moist while adding another layer of flavor, with candied orange slices and a simple syrup drizzle. She will take you step by step through cooking the orange slices to the perfect temperature in the GoodCook Healthy n Easy Ceramic pots and how to reserve the simple syrup. And, finally, Rachael plates each of cakes with unique toppings for the ultimate cake experience. Download the recipe and try your hand at creating candied citrus slices.

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