Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

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Duration: 21:44

Looking for a rich and decadent flourless chocolate cake? Join Rachael Teufel in this video to learn how to make a natural gluten-free chocolate cake.

This recipe utilizes chocolate chips and cocoa powder, which adds depth to the overall flavor of this cake. Because there is no flour or leavening, this cake has a moist fudge-like texture that melts in your mouth and works excellent for those who need a gluten-free dessert.

While this cake is delicious, Rachael shares how to prepare a quick and easy chocolate ganache that looks as luscious as it tastes. This thick, glossy ganache pairs perfectly with the chocolate cake’s richness but can be used on any dessert to add a pop of flavor.

Top this cake with a few raspberries and mint for a bright and colorful presentation, or roast off a few slivered almonds for a crunchy bite. No matter how you top this cake, you will serve pure decadence.

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