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Nothing is more valuable to us than our community members and their feedback. That’s why we’ve created a new benefit exclusively for Craftsy GOLD members to receive top products to try out and review for FREE! Fill out this short form and you’ll be eligible to receive amazing FREE products, samples, craft kits, and more delivered straight to your door. Then, after using the product, share your thoughts and leave a brief review telling us what you think. The best part? All products and samples are yours to keep for FREE! 

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2 Responses to “Receive Free Products as a GOLD Member!”

  1. Leeannda

    “Receive Free Products as a GOLD Member

  2. Nancy

    I received 4 seam ripper. Large and small. Very useful, especially for small areas that are hard to get to. Seam rippers are one of the useful tools when sewing. Thanks 😊

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