Woodworking Fundamentals with George Vondriska BUNDLE – 3 Classes & Book


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Team up with expert George Vondriska and learn an array of woodworking basics. From building rock-solid furniture and quality cabinets to implementing table saw safety, gain insider skills you can bring to your future projects.

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Classes Included

Fundamentals of Cabinet Making (3h 27m)
Once you master cabinet making, you open the door to many projects: cabinets for your shop or kitchen, bathroom vanities, book cases, dressers and more. The construction methods used on all of these projects are very similar. This woodworking class provides every detail you need to build quality cabinets in your shop.

Cabinet making projects may appear daunting, but are easy if you break them down into manageable steps, using a logical approach for the building process. This class teaches you how to do that, and provides the following key information:

• Designing attractive cabinets
• Choosing the best material
• Managing large sheets
• Dado and rabbet joinery
• Dimensioning a face frame, perfectly
• Face frame joinery techniques
• Calculating door dimensions
• Cope and stile joints on cabinet doors
• Accenting cabinets with caps and moulding

This class details each step of the process. You’ll gain core skills and knowledge, including how to accurately (and easily) set up a stackable dado head, the best table saw blade for cutting sheet goods, face frame tricks, how to make doors on a router table, and more.

Fundamentals of Furniture Making (2h 52m)
Tables, chairs and other forms of furniture rely heavily on mortise-and-tenon joinery, which is at the heart of this class with George Vondriska. From scaling the joinery to suit your project to producing a perfectly fitting joint, you’ll learn the mortise and tenon joint inside and out, along with other great tips for making rock-solid furniture.

Additionally, furniture projects often require solid wood tops, made using edge-to-edge glue-ups. Learn the tricks behind jointing perfect edges, getting great color and grain matches in your top, and allowing solid wood tops to expand and contract seasonally.

In this class you’ll learn about:

• Project design
• Edge-to-edge glue ups for strength and beauty
• Mortise and tenon joinery
• Tapering legs
• Adding decorative accents to furniture projects

George is a firm believer in the adage that form should follow function, and he’ll show you how to add simple details to furniture that take it from boring to beautiful. For example, a simple router bit makes a significant difference in the look of the table rails. Undercutting the edge of the top gives it a lighter look. A slight taper on the legs reduces their bulk. Fundamentals of Furniture Making provides video instruction that makes each of these details easy to do.

Table Saw Essentials (1h 40m)
Whether you’re rough-cutting stock to size, taking it to its final dimensions or doing the joinery required for your woodworking project, a table saw has you covered. This class provides you with must-have information for setting up and safely using your table saw.

Instructor George Vondriska will begin by showing you how to set up your saw correctly. You’ve got to check the alignment of the blade to the miter gauge slot and the rip fence, and make sure the saw is cutting at 90 degrees. We’ll show you high- and low-tech methods for doing this setup, so you can choose the approach that works best for you.

Next, get a handle on table saw blades. Alternate top bevel, triple chip grind, flat top grind, hook angle, tooth count….what does it all mean? What differentiates a rip blade from a crosscut blade? You’ll learn exactly what you need to know to make certain you’re always putting the right blade on the saw.

When ripping, crosscutting, or cutting dadoes, you need to make sure you’re safe. This class provides you with safety rules for the table saw, and shows you where to stand, how to position your hands and how to stay out of harm’s way.

With the saw properly set up and safety techniques at your fingertips, you’re ready to get to work. We’ll teach you how to rip and crosscut, set up a stackable dado head, cut rabbets, and even how to cut non-ferrous metal; essential techniques for getting the most out of your saw.

In addition to the detailed video instruction you’ll receive, this online class provides you with some downloadable resources and helpful information to print and keep, including a detailed class guide you can use as a reminder for the key points of the class instruction; and a list of resources that will help you find the products and elements you’ll see in the class.

Woodworker’s Guide to Live Edge Slabs Book (144 Pages)
A complete and accessible guide on making DIY furniture from live-edge slabs, this book will show you everything you need to know about incorporating natural wood pieces into your home. From charcuterie boards and floating shelves to desks, dining tables, benches, and more, both beginner and advanced DIYers can accomplish these stunning woodworking projects!

Your Instructor

George Vondriska
Formally trained in technology education, George Vondriska has been teaching woodworking since 1986. He has been the managing editor of Woodworkers Guild of America since 2007. In addition to classes at his own Vondriska Woodworks School, George teaches at woodworking shows across the country and has taught woodworking for the Peace Corps, Andersen Window, Northwest Airlines and the Pentagon.

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 3 PDFs containing  46 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.

Fundamentals of Cabinet Making - Resources

Fundamentals of Furniture Making - Resources

Table Saw Essentials - Resources