Super Saver Red Heart Yarn - Red


Item: W0015J


Super Saver Yarn by Red Heart stands out as a favorite across the United States for its exceptional durability and versatile nature. Crafted from a premium mix of 96% acrylic and 4% other fibers, this yarn boasts a 4-ply worsted weight, making it ideal for a wide range of projects.

Designed to be low-maintenance, it effortlessly endures gentle wash cycles at 40°C (104°F), ensuring that your handcrafted items remain vibrant and well-kept with minimal effort.

Featuring a vast palette of rich colors, this yarn is your go-to choice for knitting or crocheting accessories like scarves and hats, cozy blankets, stylish garments, or any home décor creations, offering the perfect hue for every design vision.