See Better, Draw Better: Exercises for Beginners DVD


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Great drawing means making your hands and eyes work in harmony. Luckily, the one and only Kateri Ewing is here to help you bring the two together! Join her for a series of thoughtfully planned exercises that will have you drawing better in no time.

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Class Sessions

Introduction & Starting to See (20:49)
Truly seeing is the key to successful drawings! Kateri Ewing starts class by explaining exactly what this means. Then, follow along for a breakdown of various tools and materials, before ending the lesson with a blind contour exercise. You’ll leave the lesson with a sense of some of the challenges students can face (and overcome!).

Loosen Up! Simple Hand/Eye Training (21:53)
Let loose a little; it might just make your drawings more realistic! Kateri helps you unwind as you get your hands and eyes in synch with gestural drawings. She also shares a variety of mark-making techniques you can add to your toolbox.

Contrast: Create the Illusion of Light & Form (24:00)
Want realistic drawings? Contrast is key! Kateri guides you through key techniques for working with charcoal, so you can stay in the right tonal range. Then, see how to do a reductive drawing by identifying a light source, pulling out highlights and adding details.

The Dark Side: Shadow Shapes (19:36)
Shadows can be tricky sometimes, but Kateri’s here to help at every step! Follow along as she breaks down methods that will help you identify shadow shapes. And for great form, you’ll learn to tactfully add dark marks and refine with more contrast and detail.

Losing the Lines: Refined Tonal Drawings (19:44)
Put your skills together to tackle a more complex subject: a bird. As you draw, you’ll learn to blend for more realistic forms. Plus, discover how to navigate the subtle push and pull of lights and darks for a drawing with softer edges.

Putting It Together: Realistic Drawing (29:35)
Add details and texture to bring your birdie to life! Kateri finishes class with techniques for a reflective eye, a feathered look and dramatic contrast.

Your Instructor

Kateri Ewing
For watercolorist Kateri Ewing, painting is all about capturing the awe she feels for the natural world. In preparation for painting, Kateri regularly walks and photographs the woods, meadows and waterways in two of her favorite places near her home in western New York state: Wyoming County and Knox Farm State Park. Kateri’s passion for painting and drawing is infused in her teaching, and sharing her techniques with students of all ages is her favorite thing about being an artist. Kateri’s original watercolors are currently represented by Meibohm Fine Arts.


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