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Regional Knitting Styles & Techniques 4-Class Set


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Explore regional knitting styles and techniques with top instructors! Try out traditional Bavarian methods for more dimension and freedom, get to know Estonian style with a lace scarf design, master fair isle fundamentals, and top your learning session off with a Shetland hap shawl.

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Classes Included

Bavarian Twisted Stitches: Projects & Techniques (2h 01m)
Want to knit breathtaking twisted and traveling stitches without a cable needle? Designer Donna Druchunas is here to show you how, using traditional Bavarian methods that give you more dimension and freedom. During class, Donna will teach you how to cross stitches over one another for patterns full of fantastic texture. You’ll begin with an easy-to-follow breakdown of charts and symbols. Then, explore single-stitch crossings, wider crossings and even more complex maneuvers you’re sure to love. Plus, you’ll discover timeless embroidered embellishments, must-have finishing techniques and a class hat project that’s perfect for honing your skills.

Estonian Lace Explained (2h 04m)
Take your lace knitting to the next level as you join the world expert on Estonian knitting, Nancy Bush. Nancy will show you how to create all the features that set Estonian lace apart, from the trademark nupps to a tidy edge, guiding you step by step through the skills you need to knit the full-size version of her exclusive Estonian lace scarf design. Start off with a little bit of historical knowledge before you knit a small, sampler version of the scarf, familiarizing yourself with Estonian style and stitches. Then, use what you’ve learned in class to knit the larger version, applying important techniques to create beautiful borders, a clean finish, smooth seams and more!

Fair Isle Fundamentals (1h 58m)
Discover the joy and beauty of Fair Isle knitting. Author and knitwear designer Tanis Gray guides you through the basics of this classic style, from color theory to steeking, so you can dive in with confidence. After this course, you’ll be knitting in Fair Isle style like a true Scot!

The Shetland Hap Shawl (1h 43m)
Bring a new knitting style into your skill stash with knitwear designer Gudrun Johnston. During class, Gudrun will guide you through the techniques you need to knit a traditional Shetland hap shawl. Learn how to start at one corner of the middle section with a single stitch and increase to create a garter-stitch square center. Gudrun will show you how to apply stunning, striped, feather-and-fan lace edging, and give you blocking tips for a fabulous finish. Plus, choose the project style you want to make! Start with the mini-hap to get acquainted; then, create the full hap or the triangular half-hap.

Your Instructors

Donna Druchunas
Donna is an expert on ethnic patterns and techniques and is the author of six books, including Arctic Lace. She teaches workshops around the world on topics such as rug knitting, spinning and dyeing, Lithuanian socks, Japanese sweaters and Norwegian pullovers. Donna lives in a 150-year-old New England farmhouse with her husband, mother and three cats, who all help her test the usability and comfort of her finished knitted items.

Nancy Bush
Nancy Bush’s passion for and robust knowledge of traditional and regional knitting techniques have led many to call her the world expert on Estonian knitting. She is the owner and operator of the Wooly West, a mail-order yarn service based out of Utah. Nancy has been published in a variety of magazines, such as PieceWork, and is the proud author of a bounty of knitting books, including Folk Knitting in Estonia and Knitted Lace of Estonia. When she’s not writing or knitting, she can be found teaching workshops all over the world.

Tanis Gray
Tanis Gray is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has been involved in the creative industry for many years. Having worked at Martha Stewart, Vogue Knitting and Knit.1, among others, she prefers to be tangled up in yarn and knitting whenever possible. Tanis is the author of eight knitting books and has 450 published knitting designs. Her work has also been featured in major publications worldwide. You may recognize Tanis from her regularly featured spot on Knitting Daily TV.

Gudrun Johnston
Gudrun Johnston was born in Shetland, where her mother ran a successful knitwear design company, The Shetland Trader. Now, she lives in the U.S. and has made a niche for herself in the design industry, using the Internet to interact with an international community of knitters. In addition to being published in several magazines, Gudrun has authored multiple design collections, including The Shetland Trader and Knit With Me: A Mother & Daughter Collection. You can find her designs on Ravelry and her website,

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 5 PDFs containing  65 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.

Bavarian Twisted Stitches: Projects and Techniques - Resources and Patterns

Estonian Lace Explained - Patterns

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