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Quilting Essentials with Marti Michell 4-Class Set


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Team up with Marti Michell as she guides you through all the essentials of quilting. Kick off the class by learning the most effective way to quilt the log cabin block before discovering strip-piecing techniques that will help you create a variety of intricate-looking designs!

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Classes Included

Better, Faster Log Cabins (2h 02m)
Prolific author and quilter Marti Michell is sharing better, faster ways of quilting the log cabin block. First, learn two special cutting techniques for improving all of your log cabins immediately. Then, give this classic block a refresh as you find out how to select unique fabrics, develop a fast cutting layout and save even more time with chain piecing. Marti will show you how to create an eye-catching block using fun, easy fat quarters. She’ll also share an impressive technique for cutting 84 pieces in a fraction of your normal time. You’ll become familiar with Marti’s signature method of turning cut strips into automatic chain-piecing order. She’ll explain how you can change the look of log cabins with off-center blocks, and why you’ll love them. Plus, finish your log cabin quilts with Marti’s favorite binding method and tips for “no binding, no bulk.”

Machine Quilting in Sections: Strategies for Any Quilt (2h 11m)
Easily manage any size quilt by machine quilting in sections.

You piece your quilts in sections, so why not quilt them that way too? Join author Marti Michell and discover clever joining techniques to quilt your quilts in smaller, more manageable sections on your own machine.

Piece by Piece: Quilt-As-You-Go Techniques (2h 28m)
Learn the stress-free, speedy way to complete a quilt so beautiful, no one will know it was a cinch to sew! Author Marti Michell shows you how to adapt for quilting as you go, so you can recreate any style with ease. Learn how to prepare your foundation with batting and backing already incorporated, then dive into string quilting to quickly transform strips into dynamic blocks. Follow along to create wonky and traditional log cabin blocks – once you’re done piecing, you’re done quilting too! Marti shares a range of ways to join your blocks and when to use each method, including twin and single finishing strips and a multi-layer seam strategy. You’ll also find out how to adapt complicated favorites like the Ohio star to the quilt-as-you-go process, and discover smart techniques for bulk busting, and quickly adding borders and binding. Amazing quilts are only one class away—start today!

Sew Before You Cut: Strip Piecing Shortcuts (1h 33m)
Discover the secret to faster, more accurate piecing.

Piece quilt blocks faster and more accurately by sewing fabric strips before you cut them! Expert Marti Michell shares clever strip-piecing techniques to help you create a variety of intricate-looking designs. Once you know how to strip piece, you can enhance many of the styles you already love, from traditional to abstract to your own unique creations.

Your Instructor

Marti Michell
Marti Michell is a quilter and best-selling author who has published more than 30 books, including the popular “Quilting for People Who Don’t Have Time to Quilt.” She also leads quilting workshops throughout the U.S., focusing primarily on quilt-making techniques. Marti has won two lifetime-achievement industry awards for her work.

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 4 PDFs containing  48 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.

Better, Faster Log Cabins - Supplies and Patterns

Machine Quilting in Sections: Strategies for Any Quilt - Resources

Quilt-As-You-Go Techniques - Supplies and Resources

Sew Before You Cut: Strip Piecing Shortcuts - Class Materials