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Quilting Big Projects on Small Machines with Ann Petersen 5-Class Set


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Ready to quilt big? With award-winning quilter Ann Petersen as your guide, you’ll explore different machine-quilting methods and designs. Ann shares essential quilting tips for basting, ditching, following a pattern, feathers, embellishments, borders, blocking and background stitches. You’ll conquer your fear of curves as you add some to your quilting. Then use continuous line quilting to finish your quilts and never break a thread. By the end of the class, you’ll understand the techniques used to handle large quilts and know which approach is best for each project you do.

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Classes Included

Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine (4h 20m)
Finishing a large quilt doesn’t have to be a colossal chore. Award-winning quilter Ann Petersen shows you easy, large-scale quilting techniques in Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine. Learn five methods for handling and finishing a large quilt yourself (and maybe even save money in the process). This class is perfect for quilters of every level. Basic quilters will find it helpful and easy to follow, while more advanced quilters are sure to pick up new tips and tricks on quilting copious yardage with the same sewing machine they’ve always used.

Beyond Basic Machine Quilting (6h 33m)
You’ll master your home sewing machine and diversify your free-motion quilting motifs. In addition to her designs, Ann shares her expertise in quality quilt construction. From preparation to finishing, Ann’s guidance will make your machine quilting projects easier even as they become more elaborate. Ann gives you the tools to conquer those free-motion fears and make a complicated quilt a fun challenge – not an exercise in frustration.

Playing with Curves (3h 39m)
What You’ll Learn:

How to cut arcs using a variety of templates, tools and methods
How to pin and sew a simple, gentle curve — the essential technique used in all of Ann’s designs and class projects
How to make custom, reusable templates out of plastic sheets and freezer paper
Sure-fire tips for cutting multiple pieces and pressing seams
The step-by-step process of constructing intricate blocks using curves, paper piecing and templates
How to paper piece blocks with curvy motifs using reusable freezer-paper templates
How to cut and sew free-form designs to create blocks limited only by your imagination
Ann’s unique philosophy for quilting in and around all of these innovative blocks

What You’ll Make:
Imaginative place mats or quilt tops based on the five patterns and templates included in your class materials

What You’ll Love:

Gaining confidence as you learn to sew on a curve
Downloadable class materials that include instructions and templates for five quilts based on Ann’s own designs
Expert advice on assembling and quilting your blocks into sinuous and stunning works of art
Projects that build upon one another as you cultivate your skills

Continuous Line Quilting (3h 19m)
Learn to quilt continuous line designs such as fillers, all-overs, borders and stand alone motifs without spending your time tying off and burying tedious threads! Follow continuous line patterns along with award-winning quilter Ann Petersen as you quilt a sampler with stipples, hearts, leaves, stars, snowflakes and more! With Ann’s guidance, you’ll feel comfortable turning non-continuous line designs into continuous ones in no time.

Small Machine, Big Quilts, Better Results (2h 45m)
The challenge of quilting big projects on small machines has officially been solved! Join expert Ann Petersen and learn a variety of smart techniques for quilt basting and more, to transform your quilting process from arduous to effortless. Master spray basting with a step-by-step demonstration on a full quilt, and use Ann’s tried-and-true stitch in the ditch method to stabilize your quilt. Learn how to adapt free-motion, longarm and overall motifs for your home machine, and divide and conquer any project by quilting it block by block and joining the blocks without sashing. Finally, discover a panel method that de-bulks your quilt, and a split-batting technique that will save you time and effort. Say so long to small-machine limitations, and hello to quilting success!

Your Instructor

Ann Petersen
Ann Petersen has been sewing quilts since her childhood, and her work has been featured in numerous books, magazine and exhibitions. Ann’s quilts have won multiple awards, including first place at both the Houston International Quilt Festival and the American Quilter’s Society Show in Paducah, Kentucky. She teaches quilting classes on Craftsy and around the US.

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 13 PDFs containing 75 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.

Quilting Big Projects: Tips and Techniques

Quilting Big Projects: Supplies and Resources

Beyond Basic Tips and Techniques

Beyond Basic Supplies and Resources

Playing With Curves - Curved Play Placemats

Playing With Curves - Winding Ways Quilt

Playing With Curves - Curves Again? Quilt

Playing With Curves - Ice Sawblades Quilt

Playing With Curves - Twist Tie Box Quilt

Continuous Line Quilting - What You'll Need

Continuous Line Quilting - What You'll Make

Continuous Line Quilting - Templates

Small Machine, Big Quilts, Better Results - Supplies and Tips