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Post-Processing Photography Techniques 3-Class Set


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Discover post-processing techniques to take your photography to the next level! Navigate Lightroom like a pro as you become familiar with advanced tools to create dynamic edits, add movement to your images, and manage difficult lighting situations.

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Classes Included

Essential Lightroom Techniques for Outdoor Photography (1h 53m)
Lightroom is one of the most powerful and most popular photo editing software programs on the market. It is especially powerful for outdoor photographers.

In this class, you’ll learn how to use Lightroom specifically as an outdoor photographer. You’ll learn how to apply Lightroom’s many adjustments and tools and see how each tool can be applied to different outdoor scenarios, such as sunrise photography, difficult lighting situations, wildlife photography, Milky Way photography and more.

In addition to the detailed video instruction, this class includes a class guide that you can follow and use as a reminder of the key points of instruction, a workflow summary, and a guide to keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom.

After this class, you’ll be able to confidently apply Lightroom adjustments and produce professional-level photos.

Advanced Lightroom Techniques for Outdoor Photography (1h 23m)
Outdoor photographers like to say 50% of the work is done in the field taking the photograph and the other 50% is enhancing that image in the digital darkroom.

In this class, you’ll learn advanced techniques that you can apply in Lightroom to perfect your outdoor photography.

If you’ve mastered basic edits and tools of Lightroom, it’s time to up your game with dynamic and subtle edits you can use to take your images to the next level. In this class, instructor David Johnston will show you how to use these advanced Lightroom tools specifically for outdoor photography to address scenarios such as black and white photos, wildlife, and landscapes.

In addition to the detailed video instruction, this class includes a downloadable PDF guide on the key points of this class instruction, and a supplement to help you identify and understand tones and histograms for your photographs.

After watching this class, you’ll be able to take your outdoor photography to the next level with advanced tools in Lightroom.

Time-Lapse Photography (1h 09m)
Take still photographs to another level by adding movement to your images. Time-lapse photography gives you the ability to take a series of still images and show them to an audience using a fast frame rate to create amazing movement in your photography. This movement can feature changing weather, moving subjects, or shifting color tones throughout the sequence you shoot.

In this advanced photography class you’ll learn:

• All about time-lapse photography math
• Factors that can alter a time-lapse
• Creating a compelling time-lapse composition
• Gear and tools needed to shoot time-lapse
• How to shoot still time-lapse sequences
• All about slider technology
• How to use a slider in the field
• Interesting weather that creates great time-lapse sequences
• How to factor in subject movement
• Different situations to shoot time-lapse in

In addition to detailed video instruction, this class provides you with a downloadable class guide that was designed to complement the topics you’ll explore so you can take notes as you explore time-lapse photography.

Your Instructor

David Johnston
David Johnston is a professional outdoor photographer located in Tennessee. He loves photographing the older mountain landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains and he ventures to other locations around the world to capture amazing outdoor scenes. Originally a fan of print photography, he switched to digital photography after college and began his business photographing the outdoors as well as teaching people how to improve their skills in outdoor photography.

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 3 PDFs containing 32 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.

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