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Patternmaking + Design: The Pants Sloper (DVD + Streaming)


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Learn to draft a custom pant sloper and use it to create two on-trend pattern variations alongside Apparel Arts founder Suzy Furrer. Start simple with how to take accurate measurements and transform them into the waist shaping, dart placement, crotch curve and seam lines for your sloper. Suzy will also guide you through truing up your sloper and making a muslin to refine it for a perfect fit. Then, you’ll see how to transfer your sloper onto more durable paper, and add all the markings you need to create patterns you’ll wear again and again. Plus, put your sloper to use as Suzy teaches you how to make a pants pattern for timeless trousers or on-trend cigarette pants.

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Class Sessions

Introduction & Measuring (38:14)
Join fashion designer and veteran instructor Suzy Furrer in her seventh Craftsy class and learn more about what a pant sloper is and how to take measurements for one. Suzy walks you through the calculations you’ll make to build the pants block, the foundation for the sloper you’ll make for yourself or a client.

Drafting the Front (24:05)
Learn good drafting habits as you begin drafting a pant front with Suzy’s guidance. You’ll see how to translate your measurements and calculations into waist shaping, dart placement, crotch extension and seam lines as Suzy works her way down the pant block.

Drafting the Back (20:18)
Learn to draft the back pant, beginning by tracing the front and using it as the foundation for your drafting. You’ll add width to the seams and height to the waist, create a centered back dart and draft the crotch extension.

Truing Up the Pattern (30:27)
It’s time to true up the front and back of your pants sloper. Suzy shows how to get a smooth curve on the crotch seam and make sure it’s the correct length. Then true your inseam, outseam and waistline and add markings. Finally, see how to add seam allowances and mark your fabric so you can sew up your muslin!

Fitting the Sloper (30:30)
Learn how to evaluate and adjust your muslin with Suzy’s guidance, pinning out excess, altering or removing darts and noting whether the crotch curve needs to change. Then see how to transfer these changes to a second draft of your sloper and true it up again.

Finalizing the Sloper (12:23)
Once you’re satisfied with your sloper’s fit, you’ll want to make a durable version on heavier paper such as oak tag. Suzy walks you through the transferral process, pointing out everything you’ll want to mark on your final sloper so you can use it again and again.

Drafting a Cigarette Pant (22:32)
Now you can start playing with pant design options, using your sloper as the starting point. Suzy demonstrates by designing a slim, fitted pant with lowered, faced waistline and exposed side zipper. If you’re planning a design for production, Suzy shows how to prepare your pattern with seam allowances and necessary markings.

Drafting Trousers (23:23)
Take your sloper in another direction by drafting trousers along with Suzy. Add a contoured waistband, slanted pockets, zipper fly and wide, straight legs, and mark it all on a production pattern. Gain confidence in drafting and soon you’ll be creating your own designs from start to finish!

Your Instructor

Suzy Furrer
Suzy Furrer has over 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She began her career as a freelance patternmaker and directed the development of capsule collections for small fashion companies. Suzy is the Founder and Director of Apparel Arts (established 1996) and Apparel Arts Productions (www.ApparelArtsProductions.com), an online fashion design school established in 2020. Suzy developed a comprehensive curriculum to give students in-depth training to be strong candidates to enter the workforce in apparel or costume design or to simply build strong sewing and drafting skills for one’s own personal use. Apparel Arts has graduated hundreds of students who currently work in the apparel or costuming industries. In addition, she has been an instructor for GAP Inc.’s Product Development Immersion Program. Suzy teaches and speaks at sewing and craft conferences, sewing guilds, and art schools and has taught classes for the employees of entertainment giants Pixar and Lucas Films. She is the author of Building Patterns, The Architecture of Women’s Clothing. Last, but not least, Suzy has taught online pattern drafting classes for Craftsy.com since 2011.

Bonus Materials

Patternmaking and Design: The Pants Sloper - Supplies, Resources and Worksheets


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