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Move confidently beyond the basics and start exploring the breathtaking possibilities new crochet techniques have to offer. Join popular Craftsy instructor Kim Werker and learn a variety of stitch patterns sure to add visual and textural intrigue to any project – from the quick, captivating V-stitch to the bold, dimensional bobble stitch and beyond! Along the way, you’ll expand your repertoire for popular styles as you learn how to crochet cables, lace, and front- and back-post double crochet. You’ll even get great pointers for smooth seaming, reading patterns, preparing for projects, and finishing. Plus, apply your new skills in the perfect practice project: an adorable baby sweater!

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Class Sessions

Iconic Textured Stitches (20:23)
Meet instructor Kim Werker, who will guide you in taking your crocheting skills to the next level. Learn how to create iconic popcorn and bobble stitches, perfect for adding detail and texture to your projects. Then Kim walks you through how to create a chevron pattern for more options.

Foundations of Lace (20:29)
Experiment with lace designs to give your crocheting a fancy finish! Follow along as Kim shares essential tips to harness the balance of positive and negative space. You’ll also learn how to create shell and cluster patterns and discover the inner workings of the V-stitch.

Foundations of Cables (23:18)
Expand your crocheting repertoire as Kim introduces the foundations for stitching cables. You’ll learn the basics of stitching in relief as Kim gives you step-by-step instruction on creating front- and back-post double crochets and crochet ribbing to give your designs a beautifully textured look.

Foundations of Seaming (28:27)
Ready to start assembling your project into something big and beautiful? Kim lays down the foundation for creating smooth seams and guides your hand as you learn what goes into making whip-stitch, slip-stitch, single-crochet and mattress-stitch seams.

Projects & Patterns (21:08)
Get ready to choose your next project! Kim explains the differences between synthetic and natural yarn and what each is best for. Then, discover how to take accurate measurements to ensure your project is a perfect fit. Plus, Kim lays some groundwork for starting a crocheted baby sweater.

Assembling a Sweater (24:24)
It’s time to put those skills to use! Use the different seaming techniques you’ve learned in previous lessons to begin assembling a raglan baby sweater. In addition, Kim covers some creative ways you can add different types of adorable buttonholes to your crochet work.

Finishing (24:04)
Learn some finishing touches that will add an air of elegance to your designs! You’ll master three different types of edging to give projects a lovely final trim. Then, discover some techniques for blocking your work to help bring out the full potential of its beauty.

Your Instructor

Kim Werker

Kim Werker is a writer and editor who started her career by founding the popular website CrochetMe (which, sadly, no longer exists). As an avid maker, she spends at least a few minutes every day making something, even if it’s just a few stitches or macaroni and cheese from a box. Kim has served as the editor for Interweave Crochet magazine and authored six crochet books, including “Make It Mighty Ugly: Exercises and Advice for Getting Creative Even When It Ain’t Pretty.” Visit her website, kimwerker.com, to learn more.


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