New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials DVD


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Stretch your creative boundaries alongside instructor Carol Nelson as you experiment with specialty materials you’ve never tried before! From iron paint to flaming foil, enrich your art through texture and dimension, and create your most unique work yet.

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Class Sessions

Monoprinting & More (29:26)
Meet Carol Nelson and start by creating monoprints, making your own marbleized paper and working with stunning skins.

Iron Paint (7:48)
Explore the unique effects of iron paint. Carol shows you how to apply the paint, create designs and activate the paint for an industrial-chic look.

Stencils (8:32)
Experiment with stencils. Discover how to create raised surfaces using two different materials, and explore the different effects of light and hard molding pastes.

Embossing & Painting Foil (15:58)
Learn how to create dimensional elements in foil by using two unique embossing techniques.

Tyvek (20:26)
Did you know that Tyvek is an art supply? In this lesson, learn how to treat it and heat it for a bubbly, textured surface.

Metallic Embellishments (14:05)
Turn your attention to creating objects and shapes that serve as focal points in your work. Experiment with a glue gun, foil and wire as you make eye-catching pieces.

Clay & Foil (21:17)
Find out how to air-dry clay to create a beautiful focal point! Carol shows you how to shape and texture clay, and light foil on fire before applying it to your clay for an aged-metal look.

Plaster of Paris (10:16)
Get playful with building supplies. Work with plaster of Paris and caulk to make eye-catching embellishments, from squigglies to rock-like shapes.

Coating With Epoxy Resin (16:20)
Intimidated by resin? Don’t be. In this lesson, Carol shows you how to mix and apply resin, and create a good setup for a sophisticated look.

Pulling It All Together (24:40)
Finally, take all the elements you’ve created and build an abstract piece with strong composition. Learn different strategies for getting started and discover Carol’s valuable layering tips for a stunning work of art.

Your Instructor

Carol Nelson

Carol Nelson’s art spans many styles and genres, but abstract mixed media is a key focus of her work as an instructor. A participant in the Golden Artist Educator Program (GAEP), she is one of only 101 artists worldwide to obtain GAEP certification. She shares her experience and knowledge with other artists through classes and workshops all over the country, including in her home studio near Denver, Colorado.


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