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Make It Artsy - The Complete Series - 4 Season Set


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Searching for inspiration? You’re in the right place! Join your host and guide Julie Fal-Fan Balzer in this four-class set as she leads you through tons of creative exercises, inspiring projects, and fun demonstrations that will kickstart your DIY drive and get those creative juices flowing! Make It Artsy is all about tapping into inspiration, trying new things, and exploring the world of imagination. Grab your materials and get ready to Make It Artsy with all 52 episodes across 4 seasons in one creativity-filled collection.

For a more detailed summary of each class included in this set, see the “Classes Included” tab below.

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Classes Included

Make It Artsy: It’s Only Natural (5h 30m)
Nature is the inspiration this season. Whether testing your powers of observation for patterns, observing bees or other living creatures, or just looking at elements of nature like water, rocks and rust, it’s all about nature.

Make It Artsy: Creative Muscle (5 h 27m)
Develop your creative muscles! This season, pump up your skills as an artist, strengthen your creativity and stretch your artistic limits. Some of today’s most creative makers are here to coach you along. By mixing media and using creative techniques, integrate your art into everyday life. Use new tools, materials and lots of imagination to pump up your artistic fitness.

Make It Artsy: Time to Make It Artsy (5h 30m)
Whether making time in a busy day, looking back in time, or saving time, this season of Make It Artsy is all about watching the clock, because it’s time to include art in your life! Episodes feature stenciling, stamping, foil embossing, innovative painting techniques and how to reuse and recycle old items.

Make It Artsy: Makers (5h 33m)
Make It Artsy is dedicated to the crafter, maker and artist, celebrating that maker spirit and enthusiasm that extends to every part of life.This show is for any one that loves to make things, from mixed media to metalsmithing, using tools from saws to sewing machines, and materials from paper to wood. Meet today’s most creative makers and join host Julie Fei Fan Balzer to unleash a new look for crafting.

Your Instructor

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Julie is a mixed media artist, painter, and avid memory keeper. She loves to create all kinds of artwork and experiment with lots of different supplies and techniques. Julie has been lucky enough to have artwork and articles published in multiple books and magazines.

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 4 PDFs containing 194 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.

Make It Artsy: It's Only Natural - Resources

Make It Artsy: Creative Muscle - Resources

Make It Artsy: Time to Make It Artsy - Resources

Make It Artsy: Makers - Resources