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Machine Embroidery with Deborah Jones 6-Class Set


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Discover the joy of embroidering on golf shirts, uniforms, T-shirts, swimsuits, onesies, towels, holiday stockings, stuffed animals and more. Industry expert Deborah Jones walks you through the process of machine embroidery and explains how to get professional results. Learn what you need to know about dimensional machine embroidery and your multi-needle embroidery machine. From applying special effects to avoiding common software mishaps, Deborah has you covered.

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Classes Included

Machine Embroidery With Knits (2h 03m)
Learn to make professional-looking embroidered knits from your home embroidery machine. Deborah Jones will teach you how to hoop, stabilize, and handle even the trickiest of knit fabrics, giving you the poise to create commercial-quality golf shirts, sweatshirts, swimsuits, fleece blankets, and more. Learn to assess the stabilizing needs of your knit fabric, no matter how stretchy it is, and hoop it without the fear of crooked designs or hoop burn. Practice your skills with the six embroidery designs included with your class materials.

Machine Embroidery With Terrycloth & More (1h 16m)
Discover the joy of learning how to embroider on towels, holiday stockings, stuffed animals and so much more. Deborah Jones walks you through hooping, handling and stabilizing techniques for a wide range of specialty textured fabrics, including stitching and finishing techniques that will make your projects stand out from the crowd. This class takes your basic machine embroidery skills to the next level, teaching you the ins and outs of fabrics that so many of us would love to embroider but feel intimidated to try.

Dimensional Machine Embroidery (1h 59m)
Add dimension and texture to your embroidery with step-by-step guidance from expert Deborah Jones! Learn to use embroidery foam to create puffy designs with clean, polished edges, then explore trapunto – a fun, raised technique you can make with batting or cording. And, unleash your inner artist as you color your stitches with fabric paint! Next, add fantastic texture to your embroidery with fringe, and see how thread selection lets you vary the look from straight to curly. Learn tips for faux-fur and vinyl embroidery, and make your projects sparkle with Deborah’s hassle-free substitution for metallic thread. Finally, discover how to add crystals and stones to your designs, both individually and with a crystal transfer you can create yourself. Tips for editing your own design files so you can use these techniques are included – as well as 10+ free designs!

Editing Essentials: Professional Lettering Techniques (2h 10m)
Make the most of your embroidery lettering software to create crystal-clear text on your favorite fabrics! With expert instructor Deborah Jones’ guidance, you’ll create stunning embroidery by choosing the best font types for your projects and avoiding common software mishaps. Receive a refresher on the basic types of lettering as well as the strengths and restrictions of each. Then learn to combine speciality and standard fonts to create a cohesive design. Mix it up with both small and large letter stitching, and integrate your own combinations in multi-line text. Once you understand the essentials, explore your creative potential with a subway art embroidery project. Finally, add a finishing pop to your work through foam, mylar and shading special-effect techniques that are sure to impress.

Know Your Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine (2h 02m)
Take your multi-needle embroidery machine out of the box! Expert embroiderer Deborah Jones is here to teach you how to use it. During this class, you’ll discover how to thread, assign colors, work with design data, adjust tension and speed up your work. Begin by learning how to set up your machine for success, from attaching your frame holders to using the hoop recognition feature. Move on to exploring key features such as automatic needle threading, trimming and adjusting your tension to prevent frustrating thread breaks. Then, sew your first design with Deborah’s help and find out how to adjust the machine to your sewing speed. Wrap up class by discovering all of the different hooping options multi-needle machines offer and get tips for hooping multiple items quickly and efficiently.

Machine Embroidery on Challenging Fabrics (1h 59m)
Whether it’s bulky, shiny, delicate or stretchy, learn how to embroider on any material with confidence.

Embroider dazzling designs on any material! Expert Deborah Jones breaks down the theory behind fabric and machine embroidery to help you create a variety designs on infamously tricky fabrics.

Your Instructor

Deborah Jones
Deborah Jones has been involved in detailed machine embroidery for more than 40 years and loves sharing her techniques for creating professional-quality embroidery. An expert in home and machine embroidery, she has authored “Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials” and “Dimensional Machine Embroidery.” Additionally, she often speaks on commercial and home machine techniques.

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 7 PDFs containing 35 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.

Machine Embroidery-Knits- Recommendations Chart

Machine Embroidery-Knits-What You'll Make

Machine Embroidery-Knits-ART file format

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Machine Embroidery With Terrycloth-Recommendations Chart

Machine Embroidery With Terrycloth and More- Supplies and Design Information

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Terrycloth- C2S file format

Terrycloth- DST file format

Terrycloth- EXP file format

Terrycloth- HUS file format

Terrycloth- JEF file format

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Terrycloth- VIP file format

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - Supplies and Templates

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .ART (800 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .DST (293 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .C2S (1.8 MB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .EXP (245 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .HUS (246 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .JEF (246 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .PES (791 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .SEW (279 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .VIP (246 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .VP3 (250 KB)

Dimensional Machine Embroidery - .XXX (246 KB)

Editing Essentials: Professional Lettering Techniques - Resources

Editing Essentials Professional Lettering Techniques - Subway Art Embroidery Files

Know Your Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine - Resources and Tips

Fox Test Files (65 KB, zipped)

Machine Embroidery on Challenging Fabrics - Class Materials

Machine Embroidery on Challenging Fabrics - Embroidery Files - zipped 4mb