Goldwork Embroidered Acorn Leaf Kit


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Like the look of gold in fashion? Learn to embroider with gold thread. Craftsy and Toye Academy of Craft proudly present the classic Royal Oak leaf and acorn take-home kit, a beautiful design threaded with gold. Our exclusive kit has everything you need to create something historically significant with an elegant, professional finish. All materials are included and make the kit convenient to use.

This Kit Includes:

  • 30x30cm Silk organza
  • 5×3 .5cm Golden yellow felt
  • 1 Bag of 100% sheep wool stuffing
  • 8 2mm Ivory Czech glass pearls
  • Gold seed beads
  • 12m Golden yellow sewing thread
  • 1 Tailors chalk
  • 4 Tacking cotton
  • 12x12cm Tracing paper
  • 1 Mini beeswax
  • 40cm Gilt broadplate
  • 50cm Gilt 8×2 check thread
  • 20cm Gilt no. 1 pearl purl
  • 4mm Gilt spangles
  • 3mm Gilt spangles
  • 3x3cm Gold kid
  • 2 needles

A free tutorial from gold and metalwork embroidery expert Jenny Adin-Christie demonstrates the fundamental skills of working with gold and silver wire embroidery. Her expert instruction and insider tips will inspire you to develop your skills as an artisan. You’ll love the creative possibilities you see when Jenny walks you through the classic Royal Oak leaf and acorn pattern.

You can use your acorn to add a touch of regal class to any garment. The acorn is a fun fashion piece you’ll enjoy wearing anywhere you go.

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