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Free Motion Quilting Fundamentals 4-Class Set


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Demystify free-motion fundamentals with instructor Christina Cameli. Enjoy this 4-set class as you start by learning the essentials and end with a lifetime of new skills. Whether you take on simple stitches or tackle an elaborate showpiece, Christina’s foolproof tips will set you up for success.

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Classes Included

The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting (2h 48m)
dd exquisite visual interest to your quilts as you uncover the secrets of free-motion quilting your favorite designs. Author Christina Cameli guides you step by step, from identifying the basic structure of seven sophisticated design families to recreating motifs that have always inspired you. From eye-catching pebbles and beads-on-a-string to gorgeous emerging and echo designs, you’ll discover how to sketch and stitch dozens of variations to suit your personal style. Easily navigate tricky corners and tight spaces with expert layout tips, and find out how to stitch your designs in a straight line every time. Practice easy traveling techniques as you stitch lovely branching motifs, and achieve captivating complexity with an array of inspiring ideas to adapt the main designs. Finish your quilts in stunning style with this must-have resource for free-motion quilting!

Free-Motion Quilting Essentials (3h 02m)
Give your quilts the fabulous finish they deserve as author Christina Cameli demystifies free-motion fundamentals! Learn key machine setup tricks, including how to adjust tension, and dive right in with a series of beginner-friendly stitches. Find out how to create lovely loops, wiggles and ribbon candy to fill wedges, corners, focal points and more, and use a range of simple spiral motifs to navigate in and out of tricky corners with ease. Add eye-catching pebbles, vines and feathers to your repertoire with Christina’s foolproof free-motion quilting tips, and bring a stylish dose of drama with striking S-curves, arcs, flowers and stars. Along the way, you’ll learn how to achieve symmetrical designs, customize and combine motifs for a classic or modern look and even avoid mistakes as you work.

Fearless Free-Motion Quilting (1h 41m)
Forget perfection – free-motion quilting is all about having fun! Join award-winning quilter Robbi Eklow and conquer your free-motion fears with step-by-step guidance. Set yourself up for success with Robbi’s recommendations for needles, thread, and machine feet and learn her secret weapon for practicing stitches without wasting fabric. Next, discover a variety of easy free-motion quilting designs, starting with versatile basketweave and fan motifs. Pick up essential planning and placement tips and learn how to scale designs depending on your project and desired result. Then, dive into spiral, feather, floral, and leaf motifs. Finally, follow along as Robbi shows you how to combine and customize the designs you’ve learned to create infinite stitch possibilities – and your best projects yet!

Ultimate Free-Motion Quilting (2h 53m)
Play with color, detail, texture and dimension in brand new ways to achieve exquisite results unlike anything you’ve quilted before. Join renowned quilting instructor Patsy Thompson, and discover how to use her signature hyperquilting technique to create quilts that shine with vibrant visual interest and enticing intricacy. Get tips for bringing your work to life by selecting the perfect combination of gorgeous threads. Find out how easy it is to use trapunto techniques that add luscious loft and standout texture to any project, from wallhangings to full-size quilts. Plus, learn to combine hyperquilting and trapunto techniques to create dynamic quilt projects that draw attention and admiration for years to come.

Your Instructors

Christina Cameli

Christina Cameli is a quilt designer and free-motion quilter with more than a decade of experience. She writes the quilting blog A Few Scraps and contributes to numerous publications, including Stitch, Quilts & More, Quilty and The Quilt Life. She’s the author of “First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting,” “Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting,” “Step-by-Step Texture Quilting” and more. Christina was also featured on the PBS TV series “Fresh Quilting.”

Robbi Eklow

Robbi Eklow wrote The Goddess of the Last Minute, and authored a column of the same name for Quilting Arts Magazine. She also wrote Free Expression: The Art and Confessions of a Contemporary Quilter. Robbi’s quilts have been exhibited around the United States and have won numerous awards.

Patsy Thompson

Patsy Thompson has been teaching free-motion quilting for almost 15 years. Her quilts have been exhibited in shows and juried exhibitions across the United States, including the American Quilter’s Society show in Paducah, Kentucky.

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 4 PDFs containing 57 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.

The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting - Supplies, Tips and Designs

Free-Motion Quilting Essentials - Practice and Exercises

Fearless Free-Motion Quilting - Supplies and Designs

Ultimate Free-Motion Quilting - Supplies and Templates