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Finishing School: Better Borders (DVD + Streaming)


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Choose and create the perfect borders for any project with renowned quilting instructor Winnie Fleming. Start with how to measure, press, pin, and sew simple yet beautiful blunt borders and corner block borders. Then, let Winnie guide you through creating eye-catching mitered borders with striped fabrics, directional fabrics, or prints. Bring additional interest to your projects with one or more eye-catching pieced borders. Make floater borders that create a place for viewers’ eyes to relax. Plus, learn Winnie’s fill-in-the-blank formulas for making sure your borders fit your quilts flawlessly every time. Finish all of your projects with complete confidence. Learn how to make quilt borders you love for projects you’re proud to show off!

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Class Sessions

Basic & Simple Quilt Borders (31:02)
Meet your instructor, acclaimed quilter and quilting author Winnie Fleming. You’ll start the class with an engaging introduction to quilt borders, ranging from borders that are blunt to contrasting blocks in the corners. Winnie shares techniques for measuring, pressing and pinning along the way!

Mitered Borders (32:31)
Mitered borders can look intimidating, but Winnie walks you through everything you need to know to create crisp, symmetrical mitered corners that are guaranteed to impress! Learn what types of fabric work best, train your eye to find patterns that will align well, and discover Winnie’s helpful formulas as you pre-cut borders and create beautiful miters.

Pieced Borders (32:14)
Dive into pieced borders with Winnie’s troubleshooting tips to help you along the way. Start by exploring designs that will set you up for success, and determine what sizes will work best for your border. Next, Winnie demonstrates how to cut, piece and press half-square triangles efficiently and easily.

Selecting Borders for Your Quilts (22:22)
Apply your new skills as you determine which borders to pair with a variety of quilts. Whether you’re assessing a quilt that’s been in your unfinished project pile or imagining a quilt you want to make in the future, Winnie’s tips will help you choose the best patterns, styles and sizes of borders for any project of your choosing.

Floater Borders & Attaching Borders (18:26)
Discover the possibilities of floater borders, starting with measuring methods for square or rectangular quilts. Next, you’ll learn how to manage the width to maintain the proper proportions all the way around your quilt, in addition to the best techniques for pinning and attaching your borders. Winnie shares a wide range of examples to help inspire you!

Medallion-Style Quilts (27:16)
Explore the best borders for medallion quilts, which are quilts that have a focal point in the center. Winnie explains what aesthetic works best for medallion quilts, including the sizes and shapes that will provide the best frames. Finish the lesson with a fun look at round-robin quilting, which involves swapping quilts with a friend or a group and adding a border to someone else’s project.

Quilting Borders (31:16)
Wrap up the class with helpful tips and tricks on quilting your chosen borders. Winnie covers quilting techniques for both plain and pieced borders, and shares fun, creative methods for envisioning, planning and marking your designs in advance. You’ll finish the class brimming with ideas for your next beautiful borders!

Your Instructor

Winnie Fleming

Winnie Fleming is an award-winning quilter who has been honing her craft for more than 30 years, as well as quilting and judging for over 25 years. Winnie enjoys running multiple programs every year for guilds and quilting retreats. She is also the author of “Simple Blocks Make Sensational Quilts.” A native Texan, Winnie lives in Houston with her husband.

Bonus Materials

Finishing School Better Borders - Patterns and Formulas


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