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All About Socks 5-Class Set


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Master knitting techniques that are guaranteed to rock your socks off! From efficiently knitting two socks at a time to learning a variety of methods for constructing sock heels and toes, learn easy formulas to ensure your best footwear yet.

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Classes Included

My First Socks (2h 58m)
Learn how to knit socks with designer and author Lucy Neatby. Find out how to cast on with perfect tension. Knit in the round using your favorite method and choose one of four style variations for your ribbed cuff. Work your sock leg in stockinette with no gaps, before creating a heel flap that’s shaped to curve gently around the back of your foot. Finish the sides of your heel flap, and decrease in the round until you reach your original number of stitches. Get the perfect foot length, and shape the toe for a great fit using a technique that makes grafting a breeze. Finish your socks with techniques for closing holes, fixing any imperfect stitches and more. Knit cute, cozy socks you can’t wait to pull on.

Knit Socks: Two at a Time! (2h 06m)
Do you suffer from second sock syndrome (when you knit one sock and never quite get around to finishing the second one)? You’re not alone. Join expert Kate Atherley and discover a more efficient way to knit socks so that when you’re done, you have two instead of one! Whether you prefer top-down or toe-up, you’ll learn how to knit two socks at the same time and modify any pattern for this time-saving method.

Essential Skills for Sock Knitting (3h 21m)
Conquer sock knitting essentials that ensure success! Join designer Ann Budd and learn little details that make things easier at every step. During class, you’ll see how to knit identical socks toe-up and cuff-down, and find out how to troubleshoot any tricky situations that pop up along the way. Ann will begin by demonstrating how to take accurate measurements before helping you conquer popular sock cast-ons and bind-offs. For variety, you’ll discover new heel and toe styles, and Ann will share methods for shaping. With these skills you can accommodate the unique features of any feet! Plus, throughout class you’ll learn the classic techniques that lead to great socks, from picking up stitches to grafting.

Socks My Way: Stitch Pattern Savvy (2h 03m)
Make socks that fit your feet and your style! Whether you’re one for whimsical designs or comfy classics, join expert instructor JC Briar and learn how to bring different patterns and pieces together into a complete sock design. During class, you’ll conquer variations for every part of the sock and find out what to look for in the stitch patterns you want to use. Then, you’ll discover how to elongate, mirror and mix stitch patterns to capture the look you want and see how to transition cleanly from one stitch pattern to the next. Once you can transition patterns, shift your focus to creating socks that flow seamlessly from cuff to toe. Wondering how to chart your designs? JC will show you how to put your own creations down on paper too! Plus, she’ll end class by teaching you how to adjust your socks to make them fit like a dream.

Socks My Way: Heel & Toe Variations (3h 12m)
Create the perfect look and feel in all your socks whether you’re knitting toe-up or top-down! Join instructor Lara Neel and learn a variety of methods for knitting sock heels and toes, as well as how, when and why you might use them. During class, Lara will teach you how to take the most accurate measurements and show you how to swatch for sock success. You’ll also conquer methods for flap and gusset heels and learn to shape heels worked completely in short rows. Then, discover some heel techniques that many knitters might have never heard of! When you move on to toes, Lara will show you how to shape them both from the side and in the round. Plus, you’ll receive special secrets you won’t learn anywhere else, and Lara will share easy formulas that will ensure your heels and toes are proportioned just right!

Your Instructors

Lucy Neatby
A former navigation officer for British cargo ships, Lucy Neatby now finds herself submerged in the fabulous world of fiber. Whether designing, writing or instructing, she strives to bring out the true fun in knitting. Her website, Lucy Neatby Designs, is no different. Lucy is also the face behind a series of instructional DVDs, Learn with Lucy, and the author of popular books, including Cool Socks Warm Feet, Cool Knitters Finish in Style and A Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters.

Kate Atherley
Kate Atherley learned to knit at a young age from her immensely talented grandmother, Hilda. However, her immersion in knitting didn’t take full hold until after university, when she found herself with lots of spare time and a yarn shop around the corner. Kate started with knitting socks, then designing socks, and today, she’s a knitting teacher, designer, technical editor and author. Her books include “Beyond Knit & Purl” and “Knit Accessories: Essentials & Variations.”

Ann Budd
Ann Budd learned to knit as a child after her father brought her family to the German-speaking part of Switzerland during a one-year sabbatical. She went on to study science in college and ended up with a master’s degree in geology. Through it all, she continued to knit and eventually switched careers to become an editorial assistant for Handwoven magazine at Interweave Press. Today, she’s a book editor, knitwear designer and the author of the best-selling “Knitter’s Handy Book” series.

JC Briar
JC Briar likes to ask questions, probe beneath the surface and figure things out for herself. Which cast-on is really the most stretchy? How do you knit heels and toes that really fit? She dives into these questions to share the answers with knitters of all stripes at events such as Stitches and Vogue Knitting Live. A highly visual learner, JC also has a keen enthusiasm for charts. She is the author of Charts Made Simple and the founder of

Lara Neel
Lara Neel learned to knit when she was a little girl, but it wasn’t until about eight years ago that she got serious about socks. While Lara may have plenty of sweaters, hats and scarves, she’s constantly driven by the firm belief that she’ll never run out of new sock styles to try. You can find Lara’s sock designs featured in publications like Knitty, or in her book Sock Architecture.

Bonus Materials

Each class in this set comes with a helpful downloadable PDF that will add to the fun and success of each class. In total, you will gain access to 5 PDFs containing  107 pages of content, which you can view online anytime or print out to reference.


Knit Socks: Two at a Time! - Patterns

Essential Techniques for Sock Knitting - Patterns

Socks My Way: Stitch Pattern Savvy - Patterns and Grid Paper

Socks My Way: Heel and Toe Variations - Worksheets and Patterns