Make a Pretty Flower Vase Using All Your Yarn Scraps

Forget dropping cash on a new vase — you can DIY one using all those yarn scraps you’ve got lying around. Grab ’em, along with some Mod Podge and a circular container that you’ll use as a template. Before you know it you’ll have the perfect holder for that Valentine’s Day bouquet!

Good to Know: Because these vases are made from yarn and don’t have bottoms, they’re only suitable for fake flowers. If you want real blooms, add a small water glass or pot inside.

Yarn Vase

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Wine bottle
  • Mod Podge
  • Yarn (in any color and weight you like)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Instructions

    1. Plan Your Design

    Wrap washi tape around your wine bottle, placing each piece where you want to add yarn for your vase. (Don’t worry about the color; the tape won’t be part of the final look.) We made a cross-hatch design, but you can create anything you like.

    No matter your design, don’t place any washi tape underneath your wine bottle — if your yarn wraps across the bottom, you won’t be able to shimmy the vase off later. Also, make sure the bottom of your design is flat so the yarn vase will be able to stand on its own.

    2. Cover

    Cover the wine bottle in plastic wrap. This will allow you to build the yarn vase around it without anything sticking to the surface.

    3. Wrap

    Cut your yarn into the lengths you need to match your washi tape marks. Dip one strand in Mod Podge, making sure to coat it entirely, then press it onto the plastic wrap following your washi template.

    Good to Know: Though Mod Podge is white when liquid, it dries clear. So don’t worry if you’re using a colored yar — you’ll be able to see it when finished.

    Continue coating the yarn and adding to your vase until the design is finished. Let the vase sit until the Mod Podge is dry.

    4. Remove and Display

    When the yarn is completely dry, gently remove the frame by sliding it up the bottle’s neck.

    Stand it up, place flowers inside and you’re done! The cool thing is you can reuse the wine bottle and make a matching set for your windowsill. And if you like a little chaos, you could even try making one without a template, winding your yarn around the bottle haphazardly so it looks crazy awesome.

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