Create a Simple and Elegant Wire-Wrapped Pendant

Creating a wire-wrapped pendant is a fun, creative way to add a personal touch to your wardrobe. There are many complicated techniques for capturing a stone with wire, but they can definitely be intimidating and time consuming. So instead, let’s just have some fun!

I’m going to show you the first wrap I ever learned: The twist. Below are some clear, simple illustrations I drew to show you exactly how to take a simple crystal point and turn it into wearable art in only six steps!

Wire-wrapped Fluorite pendant

Fluorite pendant created using the Twist pendant technique. All photos and illustrations by Bluprint member Gayle Bird.

Step 1.

Hold together two wires of the same length – about 12” is a good start for an average stone. Find the middle of the wires, then twist together the two wires. You need to make at least three twists, but can make more.

Twist together two wires

Step 2.

Push the two wires at the bottom of the twist apart, creating a V. This is where the stone will go. Hold the two wires and push the twisted wire up so the twist will lay against the stone and the two wires are on each side of the stone, pointing to the other side of the stone. They should look like an L.

Push the two wires at the bottom of the twist apart

Step 3.

Place the twist against the stone on one side and wrap the two bottom wire ends all the way around the bottom of the stone until they cross. Then twist those wires together. Push the twist up against the stone. 

Shape the twist here however you like. Make a few more twists if you want to.

Shape the twist here however you like

Step 4.

Next, separate the wires on each side, two crossing over the front and two crossing over the back.

Separate the wires

Step 5.

Hold the twists that you have already made where you want them to stay and keep pushing the stone down into the opening. Now twist the front two wires. You need to push the two wires you are twisting from each side to the front. That keeps the wires close to the stone while you twist.

Twist the two wires that cross in the back.

Twist the two wires that cross in the back.

Step 6.

Continue twisting and switching sides in this manner until you reach the top of the stone. Create a bail by making a double-wrapped loop and tweaking the extra wire to the back of the loop’s neck. Cut the wire tight and tamp it down in the back.

Create a bail by making a double-wrapped loop   Wire-7

This method has the potential for a lot of variation. It works especially well on large flat slabs or on crystal points, but you can adapt it to anything, and it is very secure.

Quartz crystal point pendant

Quartz crystal point turned into a wearable pendant using the Twist wire-wrap method 

Smokey Quartz pendantSmokey Quartz pendant created using the Twist wire wrapped technique

What I really like about this method is how customizable it is. You can criss-cross around the stones as many times as you like, you can use doubled wires or use different sized wires, add beads, create loops or even build sculptures into the wire between twists. Once you know the basic technique, the sky is really the limit! 

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