What Does Your Doodling Style Say About You?

illustration of girl doodling

We all have our go-to doodles. You know, those familiar shapes and pictures that seem to appear by magic on scraps of paper when you’re not even aware that you’re scribbling. As it turns out, what you choose to doodle can say a lot about your personality!

Your Doodle Style: Lots of Lines

You are: The Precision Penciller

illustration of girl cross hatching

What it says about you: No messy squiggles for you — you like to keep things neat and tidy! And when you’re not doodling, we bet you can be found crossing things off of your meticulously crafted to-do list.

Your perfect project: Your line doodles are pictures just waiting to happen. Use ’em for shading and giving any object value.


Your Doodle Style:Geometric Shapes

You are: The 3D Shape Shifter

illustration of girl doodling geometric shapes

What it says about you: If you doodle cubes, 3D gems and mazes, you’ve got the perfect balance of creativity with an analytic edge. A natural problem solver, you love building things and coming up with clever solutions.

Your perfect project: Spend some quality time with your shapes and make ’em pop in 3D.


Your Doodle Style: Swirls and Squiggles

You are: The Whimsical Wanderer

illustration of woman doodling swirls

What it says about you: You can absolutely get lost in doodling a sea of swirls on a sheet of paper. Life is a winding road, and you’re an adventurer who likes to see how things unfold. It’s not about the destination for you — it’s all about the journey.

Your perfect project: (Spoiler alert!) You can totally make the coolest art just by squiggling! Learn to master the method.


Your Doodle Style: Inspired by Nature

You are: The Earth Artist

illustration of girl doodling flowers

What it says about you: While you might not be a full-time tree-hugger, the natural world definitely has a special place in your heart. You love observing the beauty of the outdoors, and would rather stop and smell the flowers than be right on time for everything.

Your perfect project: Dive into realism by tackling complex, true-to-life drawings.


Your Doodle Style: Unicorns, Hearts and Stars

You are: The Magic Maker

illustration of unicorn drawing hearts

What it says about you: If your scraps are covered in hearts, stars, and other sweet and magical little shapes, you might, in fact, be part unicorn. You see the world through a rose-colored (and glitter-coated) lens. You actively seek out magic and delight, and adore rainbow sprinkles.

Your perfect project: If you’re an aspiring cartoonist, bring your unicorns to life with animation! It’s so easy, anyone can learn to do it.


Your Doodle Style: Stylized Words

You are: The Word Wizard

illustration of girl doodling words

What it says about you: Words are your thing! Maybe you draw bubble-style letters, ornately decorate words or try your hand at faux calligraphy. If you’re drawn to words and letters in your doodling, you’re likely a creative who loves to express ideas and tell stories. Doodling is a way that you can let your voice be heard!

Your perfect project: Become a typographist (yeah, it’s a thing) and perfect your stylized lettering.


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