7 Ways to Wear a Triangle Knit Shawl

So many knitters love stitching shawls but struggle with how to wear them. It’s such a shame to stitch such a gorgeous piece only to have it hide in the closet just because you’re not sure how to wear it!

Triangle shawls can be particularly difficult to style since they have a shape that seems impossible to work with. Where else can the point go besides straight down the back? It turns out that point can go anywhere you’d like!

Put some of your hand knit shawls into your wardrobe rotation by styling them one of these 7 ways.

1. Centered in Back

Estonian Dreams Lace Shawl Kit

The traditional and most common way to wear a shawl is with the shawl wrapped around your shoulders and the triangle point at the center of your back, just like the Estonian Dreams Lace Shawl is shown above.

2. Tied in the front

Crepe Myrtle Shawl

Photo via Bluprint member Lavender Hill Knits

You can let your shawl ends hang loosely in the front, but if you want to secure them, just tie them in a loose knot like the designer did with the Crepe Myrtle Shawl above.

3. Off to one side

Simplicity Triangle Shawl

This one is a variation on the centered style. Arrange the shawl so that the point rests down one of your shoulders. Wrap the edges of the shawl around your shoulders on the opposite side. If you’re having problems keeping the shawl in place, tuck the ends under the wrap or use a shawl pin.

This style works especially well for shawls that have a lot of drape, like the Positive Thoughts #1 Shawl pictured above.

4. Kerchief

Speckle Tonic Triangle Shawl

Wrap the shawl so that the point is in front, resting across your chest. Wrap the ends around your neck, bringing them back around to the front. Check out the Speckle Tonic Triangle Shawl pictured above for inspiration!

5. Scarf

Triangle in Triangle Shawl
Photo via Bluprint member Artyarns Store

If you don’t need that extra warmth all the way down your back, you can style the shawl like a scarf. Place the point anywhere you’d like, whether it’s the center of your back or one of your shoulders, then wrap the ends of the shawl around your neck. You’ll have to pull the shawl up around your neck a bit to get more length. Check out the Triangle in Triangle Shawl pictured above for one option.

Nangou Shawl

You can also wrap the shawl a bit more tightly around your neck and let the edges hang long, as shown with the Nangou Shawl above.

6. Cowl

Oversized Triangle Shawl

Photo via Bluprint member Fine Craft Guild

Focus all the warmth on your neck with this style. Roll the shawl into a loose tube, then wrap it around your neck as many times as you’d like. Arrange it so that it makes a continuous circle around your neck, tucking the ends around the wrap to secure them.

If your shawl has some kind of embellishment like the fringed ends on the Oversized Triangle Shawl pictured above, you can wrap the cowl so that you’re still showing off those cool edges.

7. Pinned

Rococo Shawl

Photo via Bluprint member Elena Rosenberg Wearable Fiber Art

Any of these styles can be spiced up a little with a shawl pin. You can style the shawl in any way mentioned above, then just add a pin to it. The Rococo Shawl pictured above is styled simply, with the pin just holding the edge in place.

The pin is also a good solution if you feel like your shawl is constantly slipping from your shoulders no matter how you wrap it.

There’s certainly no wrong way to wear your shawl. Just wrap it and drape it until you feel beautiful! And if you want even more inspiration, check out some of your favorite shawl designers’ photos right here on Bluprint. Their models are sure to provide you with many more ideas!

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