Wake Up Plain Walls With Colorful Washi Tape

Bold, funky colors and a modern, geometric design makes pure magic on your walls. This easy washi tape accent creates a cool focal point you can customize to suit any space.

Washi Tape Wall

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Washi tape
  • Level
  • Marker
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Good to Know: You can use any paper you like for this project, as long as it’s see-through. You’ll need the visibility to trace!


    1. Plan With Paper

    Tape a piece of wax paper to your wall in the general area where you want your zigzag design to begin. Hold your level up to the paper, then draw a vertical line near the paper’s edge to mark exactly where it’ll begin.

    Pick where you want the first line to end before the zigzag changes direction, and mark it using the same method.

    2. Start Taping

    Align one end of your washi tape with the line on your paper. Secure the tape along the wall until it reaches the line on the second piece of paper. Repeat this process with each piece of washi tape to form a big, colorful bar from marker line to marker line.

    3. Remove the Paper

    Cut along the line you drew and remove the paper from the wall, leaving behind a clean edge where the tape begins. Pull away any scraps of paper from the underside of the tape and press the edges firmly back to the wall.

    Repeat this cutting process on the other end of your bar.

    4. Create a Corner

    Tape another piece of paper on top of where your first bar ends. Take a second piece of paper and trace around the top corner of your tape.

    Flip the second piece of paper over and transfer the marker line, which should form a V-shape with the edge of the finished bar. This V-shape will guide the angle of your next bar. Use your level to draw a vertical line where your first bar ends.

    5. Build the Second Bar

    Just as you did before, mark the spot where you want to end the second bar by taping up another piece of paper and sketching a vertical line. Connect the two lines with your washi tape, trim as before and remove the paper from the wall. You should now have a big V or checkmark.

    6. Keep Taping

    Continue this same process until you have a completed design you love. You can leave it as a simple lightning bolt, or make the zigzag continue down the entire length of the wall — or even around the room!

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