Week 1: Post Stitch Ridges

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8 Responses to “Week 1: Post Stitch Ridges”

  1. Melody

    If one wanted to make the shawl a bit bigger could they just add a few rows during this step?


    I can't seem to get through the back post. I keep doing reruns on the first step


    Would it be possible to see all the steps done for the Viscosity Shawl?


    I would like to review each of the steps for the Viscosity Shawl. Is this possible?

  5. Ellen Poist

    Would like to go to join the class below.

  6. Joanne DeHaven

    Looking forward to it

  7. Dorotha Meadows

    Sounds great!

  8. RENEE

    I really love how this pattern in week 1 is coming together! Thank you for the video which was very helpful to see how these stitches are created.