Sweet Valentine Appliqué Designs You’ll LOVE

Can’t send treats to school? Grandma is diabetic? Brother has a gluten allergy? We have the solution! If you are looking for a treat that will satisfy these scenarios, just take one of the Valentine appliqué designs featured below and then follow our step-by-step tutorial for a sweet fabric favor your loved ones will love! 

Heart Valentine applique designs

Photos via Debbie Henry

How to stitch the Valentine appliqué designs

Heat away stabiizer is perfect for freestanding appliqué.

Step 1:

Start by hooping two pieces of heat-away stabilizer. It looks like a water-soluble topping but does not dissolve in water. When heat is applied, this stabilizer balls up into chunks that can be brushed away. With freestanding appliqué projects, though, it is perfect because it tears away cleanly with no stabilizer showing.

Because embroidery will show on the back, load the same color thread in your bobbin as that with which you are stitching. Choose an appliqué design and run the first color stop, the placement stitch. Clip wild threads.

applique fabric on front and back

Step 2: 

Remove the hoop from your machine but leave the stabilizer in the hoop. Spray the back of a fabric with temporary adhesive and lightly finger-press it in the hoop. So the Valentine will be just as beautiful on the back, add a fabric to the back of the hooped stabilizer the same way. Felt is a nice backing because it adds body to the freestanding appliqué.

applique tack down stitches

Step 3: 

Put the hoop back on the machine and stitch the next color stop, the tack-down stitch. It secures the first appliqué fabric to the stabilizer (the larger scalloped heart outline, left). Normally, you would take the hoop off of the machine again and trim the fabric close to the tack-down stitching, but since the next appliqué will not hinder the first, you can run the placement stitch for the inside appliqué next (inner heart, left). Spray the back of your inner heart fabric with adhesive and lightly finger-press it over the placement stitches (right). Run the next color stop, the tack-down stitches.

trimming applique to tack down stitching

Step 4: 

Now you can remove the hoop and trim both front appliqués close to their tack-down stitching.

trimmed applique front and back

Step 5: 

When the front is trimmed, be sure to also trim the felt close to the stitching on the back.

Heat away stabilzer tears away easily.

Step 6: 

Put the hoop back on the machine and finish the satin-stitched edges. When stitching is complete, remove everything from the hoop and tear the heat-away stabilizer from the satin-stitched edging.

stitched applique front and back

You now have an appliqué Valentine design that is just as beautiful on the back as it is on the front.

Step 7 (Optional):

Write a love note. Before the final satin stitching, spray a piece of cut-away stabilizer and press it to the back over the inside heart. Run the tack-down stitch again to secure it to the felt. Take the hoop from the machine and trim close to the stitching line. Place the hoop back on the machine and run the final satin stitching. That will give you a white surface upon which to write a sweet sentiment!

More Valentine appliqué designs you’ll LOVE

Here are some designs to try! Any appliqué with a satin-stitched edge can be made to be a freestanding appliqué using this technique.

Applique Valentine designs suitable for freestanding applique.

Photos via Craftsy member Appliqué Geek

1. Candy Conversation Hearts and Horseshoe Heart Appliqué

These really are too cute.

free applique hearts designs

Photos via Craftsy members JJMachineEmbroidery (left) and Original Stitches (right)

2. FREE Heart Appliqué Designs

Try these two designs for FREE, just add fabric!

Valentine heart applique designs

Photos via Craftsy members JJMachineEmbroidery (left) and Baby Kay’s Appliqués (right)

3. Hearts Appliqué and Scallop Heart Appliqué

Stitch one or stitch them all, it’s totally up to you!

In the Hoop Candy Less Valentine Favors

Photo via Craftsy member Embroidery Garden

4. In the Hoop Candy-less Valentine Favors

Here is another great idea for treats without the sweets!

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