Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Join ZJ Humbach on Monday, July 10th at 2:00 p.m. CT/3:00 p.m. ET as we kickoff our Christmas in July celebration! ZJ will share her ultimate Christmas planning guide for a stress-free holiday season. Get a head start on your holiday crafting by downloading our free projects. Make sure to tune in all month for LIVE step-by-step tutorials. Plus, enter for a chance to win a free Stella TWO crafting light. Click here to enter by 07/17/23.

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61 Responses to “Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season”

  1. Delores Fox

    Very good ideas, information.

  2. Betty Wood

    It’s nice to be able to do different patterns

  3. Eva Marie Hofman

    I use masking tape to mark rulers and quilting lines on fabric.

  4. Darlenew Watson

    Looking forward to some awesome crafting.

  5. Roseann Bricker

    Thank you

  6. Maridale Vanek

    love crafting

  7. Payge Carter

    Not sure how to do this

  8. lyndell neal

    i am very impress with the viedo segment i am from Sydney Australia and as you know we celebrate christmas in our 40deg summer haha i love love christmas always. I try to do craft i do make cards but when it is hot not so much your cool weather coming before christmas makes it easer

  9. Susan

    Thank you

  10. Michelle Farmer