The Hand-Painted Cake

The Hand-Painted Cake is a skill-building class suitable for seasoned pastry artists and cake decorating novices alike. You’ll glean insight on how to add dynamic designs to fondant as Erin guides you through the delicate process of painting confectionery canvases. Whether you want your cakes to channel the works of Michelangelo or Monet, you’ll learn to paint with the dimension and depth necessary for any style.

Class Preview


Meet Erin, learn about your free mini-class and see the projects you’ll be completing together.

Inspiration & Design

Inspiration is all around you! Erin shares her secrets for finding cake designs in unusual places. She’ll also discuss how to sketch your unique ideas.

Mixing Custom Colors

Get the right colors to mix the right shades and test them on your fondant with Erin’s attention to detail and help.

Tracing Transfer Method

Get your design onto your cake with Erin’s easy tracing transfer method. You’ll be outlining and painting beautiful roses and leaves in no time!

Freehand Painting

Learn how to freehand paint your cake. Erin will demonstrate with peonies, leaves and blossoms before showing you how to move the cake to a decorative base.

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