Turn Your Old Statement Jewelry Into Fancy Jeweled Barrettes

jeweled barrettes

Bring a little extra sparkle to your look with these gem-studded bobby pins. They’re so easy, you’ll want to make a few for yourself and a bunch for your besties.

Custom Jeweled Barrettes

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Rose gold bobby pins
  • Costume jewelry (raid your jewelry box!)
  • Jewelry wire cutters
  • E-6000 glue
  • Instructions

    1. Pick Out Your Jewelry

    jeweled barrettes materials

    First thing’s first: Pick out some jewelry that fits your vibe. If you don’t have a stash of costume cast-offs, scour the sale rack at your local department store, inexpensive mall stores or even the thrift shop. (The necklace and earrings used here came from Forever 21.)

    2. Take It All Apart

    cutting jewelry

    Use your jewelry wire cutters to disassemble that statement jewelry — snip the backs off of earrings, isolate your favorite stones or clusters of stones, etc. If there are any jagged edges from where metal prongs used to be, just use your wire cutters to trim them down.

    3. Glue Together

    gluing jewel to bobby pin

    After playing around with how you’d like your stones to be placed on your bobby pin, squeeze a small drop of E-6000 glue onto the back of your stone. Then, press the end of your bobby pin into the glue drop.

    4. Let It Dry

    finished barrettes

    Set the bobby pin aside to dry for at least one hour. Now you’re ready to rock and roll!

    Photos by Alison Caporimo.

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    One Response to “Turn Your Old Statement Jewelry Into Fancy Jeweled Barrettes”

    1. Carolyn Peters

      I love the idea of repurposing old jewelry. I've used "bits & pieces" to decorate all sorts of things: hair combs, headbands, purses, shoes clothing, jackets and coats...plus everyday household items: a ceramic vase, the frame of a mirror, lamp shades, etc. But before you pull apart that old necklace, please make sure it isn't a valuable vintage piece or a collectable brand....easy to do by checking out Etsy or ebay for something similar. Secondly, if you want to try this project, start by buying your "stash" at a thrift store. Often they will sell a bag full for a dollar, especially if a clasp is broken or a stone is missing. Secondly, my experience with E6000 is to let my project sit overnight, or even better, for 24 hours. And if the jewelry additions are heavier than what you've glued them to, let them set overnight, face down. Last but not least, if you love glitter the way I do, buy only one small tube of glue.When it's gone, go onto another craft before your entire wardrobe and house are "glitterfied". :)