2 Ways to Crochet a Striking Spiral Motif

Spiral crochet patterns are a visual treat. Crocheting a spiral isn’t much different from regular crochet in the round, and yet it has a totally different design impact. You simply don’t see items worked in spiral crochet nearly as often, so it feels exciting to see them — especially when smart color choices add additional illusions to play with the eye.

Crochet Spirals

Two ways to crochet a multi-color spiral

The most common crochet spiral motif is the two-color spiral circle. There are many ways to crochet a spiral — today, we’ll go through two approaches. You’ll find that the first version is easier to crochet, but the second option produces a more visually striking result.

Basic two-color spiral crochet tutorial

This approach uses the basic spiral crochet circle concept outlined here. The only difference is that you change colors at the end of every round.

crochet spiral round 1

Round 1:

Begin with Color A. Ch 2, 9 hdc in ch 1. Remember that you DO NOT slip stitch to close the end of the round. Total: 10 hdc.

crochet spiral round 2 crochet spiral start round 3

Round 2:

Switch to Color B. You can fasten off each round or simply switch between between colors, carrying the yarn up the back of the motif as you go. Beginning in the top of the ch 2, work 2 hdc into each stitch. Total: 20 hdc.

crochet spiral end round 3

Round 3:

Switch to Color A. *1 hdc, 2 hdc all the way around (do not join with a slip stitch). Total: 30 hdc.

crochet spiral round 4

Round 4:

Switch to Color B. *1 hdc, 1 hdc, 2 hdc all the way around. Total: 40 hdc.

crochet spiral round 5

As the crochet spiral grows, the color changes and spiral design become more prominent. That said, this is still a very subtle spiral design.

For a more vibrant design, follow the tutorial below.

Two-color spiral crochet pattern with mid-round color change

In this example, we use the same circle pattern, except with double crochets and color changes mid-round.

two color crochet spiral 1 two color crochet spiral 2

Round 1:

Begin with Color A. Ch 3, 4 dc in first ch. Attach Color B in first ch (where you made the dc stitches), ch 3 and make 4 more dc st. Total: 10 dc stitches.

two color crochet spiral 3 two color crochet spiral 4

Round 2:

Continue with Color B. 2 dc in top of first ch 3 and each of next four stitches. Switch to Color A, 2 dc in next five stitches. Total: 20 dc stitches.

two color crochet spiral 5 two color crochet spiral 6

Round 3:

Continue with Color A. *1 dc, 2 dc (five times). Switch to Color B. *1 dc, 2 dc (five times). Total: 30 dc stitches

two color crochet spiral 7 two color crochet spiral 8

Round 4:

Continue with Color B. *1 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc (five times). Switch to Color A. *1 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc (five times). Total: 40 dc stitches.

Now that you’ve got the basic technique down, pick your next project!

These crochet patterns are all worked in the round in spiral crochet.

Four Color Spiral Blanket FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Smooth Fox Crochet & Knit

1. Four-Color Spiral Blanket

This free blanket pattern really showcases the beauty of spiral crochet. When you change colors in each round, you see those great design details that make the spiral different from traditional crochet in the round. Visit the project page to see examples in different colors.

two color spiral crochet pattern

Photo via Segretinonna

2. Two-Color Spiral Crochet

There’s no need to commit to making a full blanket — you can play with color changes in spiral crochet with this smaller pattern. It includes instructions for working a spiral in two colors, with stitches of different heights to enhance the drama of the spiral.

Photo via K1 Sew Too

3. Spring Spirals Beanie

The easy crochet beanie (worked only in single crochet!) get its unique texture by working in the back loop only in spirals. Te hat is sized for adults, but the designer also offers the same pattern sized for babies.

crochet spirals and scallops patterns

Photo via Renate Kirkpatrick Designs

4. Crochet Spirals and Scallops

Designer Renate Kirkpatrick, a master of freeform crochet, created this e-book filled with crochet spiral patterns. Some use very basic stitches and others use more advanced stitches, including the bullion stitch. While these patterns don’t create one project, they offer a great opportunity to practice different types of crochet spirals while learning a bit about freeform crochet.

tunisian spiral crochet placemat pattern

Photo via Hookloopsarah

5. Tunisian Crochet Spiral Placemat

Those who love Tunisian crochet will be happy to learn that you can create spiral crochet in this technique as well. This spiral placemat uses a color-changing yarn that packs an extra punch. Make sure you know the basics of Tunisian crochet before diving in.

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Zig Zag Purple Tote

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