Standout Style: How to Texture Silver Clay Jewelry Designs

It’s easy to create unique and impressive textures to your silver clay jewelry designs because working with metal clay is much more forgiving than the solid form. I’m excited to show you the many ways you can create this texture!

If silver clay jewelry designs aren’t your favorite look, this technique can also be applied to other metal clay such as bronze and copper, which are more affordable.

Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to create your own unique silver clay jewelry designs!

Finished silver metal clay product

For this tutorial I’m using Art Clay in fine silver and creating texture with mats, but there are many other objects you can use. Look around your house for anything that has texture and can be sprayed with nonstick oil. Get creative!

Circle cutters

Make sure you have these tools:

  • Art clay
  • A rolling mat or thickness guides
  • A plastic or glass tube to roll the clay
  • Circle cutters
  • Texture mats or something to texture your clay
  • HattieS No Stick spray
  • A sharp needlepoint to make the hole
  • Metal punches
Rolling tube

Step 1: Roll out the clay

Roll your clay out in whatever thickness you like. You can also use playing cards for thickness. See my tips and tricks post on using precious metal clay for other pointers.

Texture mats

Here are a few of the texture mats I have, as well as a pebble stamp texture. I am going to use the wood texture, because it’s my favorite.

Spraying texture mat

Step 2: Coat your texture tool

Next, spray your texture mat with HattieS No Stick spray (you can also rub it down in olive oil). This way the clay will not stick to it.

Rolling texture into the clay

Step 3: Use your roller

Place the texture mat texture side down on top of the clay and use your roller to gently roll over the clay.

Texturized clay

Pull off the texture mat and you are left with an imprint of the texture. So cool!

Cutting the clay

Step 4: Cut out your design

Use a circle cutter or anything that is the shape and size you would like to cut into the textured clay. Cups, glasses, jars, anything really.

Circle cutter on clay
Removing excess clay

You are left with a perfect circle of textured clay.

Rolled up excess clay

Step 5: Store excess clay

Roll up the excess amount and put it away in 2-3 bags that are airtight.

Punching a heart into clay

Step 6: Punch any desired holes

Here I used a small heart puncher to punch a design into the clay while it was still wet. Next, take your needlepoint and make a tiny hole in the top for the jump ring to go through.

Darkening clay piece

Step 7: Fire and bring out texture

Finish up by drying, sanding and firing the metal clay according to the instructions. I use Black Max liquid to darken my piece and bring out the texture. You can also use Liver of Sulfur.

Finished product

Step 8: Polish

Wipe off the excess with a polishing cloth or sand paper and you are left with a cute little pendant.

Examples of finished products

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What else can you use to texture your silver clay jewelry designs?

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