Short Rows

Stitch your knits into shape and never make a wrong wrap or turn! Learn how easy using short rows can be in this free, technique-based mini-class. Swatch along with Carol Feller, an expert knitwear designer, as she shows four different short row methods: wrap and turn short rows, Japanese short rows, yarn over short rows and her own invisible short rows. You’ll recognize Carol’s passion for knitwear design – influenced by her engineering background – as she demonstrates how short row shaping can be used to tailor knitted garments.

Class Preview

Wrap & Turn

Carol teaches this free mini-class about the endlessly useful techniques of short-row knitting.

Japanese & Yarn Over

Learn the Japanese short-row method with Carol’s step-by-step instruction. Take advantage of the 30-second repeat feature along the way.

Sleeves & Shoulder

Learn to incorporate three short-row methods into common knitting situations with Carol’s expert instruction.

Bust Shaping

Use short rows to make sweaters with flattering fits. Carol show you how to calculate and create shape!

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