Sew Organized: 4 Patterns to Get Your Sewing Room Back on Track

Our sewing rooms can often become ground zero for chaos. Let’s make cleaning them up a little more fun. These delightful projects will inspire you to get, and stay, organized.

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A place for everything and everything in its place. Easy to say, but much more difficult to actually make happen without a concerted effort. Get on track with these Craftsy sewing organization ideas.

Let’s organize our sewing rooms!

Tool holder easel pattern on

Photo via Craftsy member Sew Together

Tool holder

The tool caddie above keeps your most often used tools within easy reach and then folds down into a compact case for travel and storage. It would also make a wonderful gift, since having one will make you the envy of all of you sewing friends. I think I need one.

Get the Tooly Tool Holder Easel pattern here.

Embroidery stabilizer keeper pattern.

Photo via Craftsy member IGottaStitch

Stabilizer keeper

I have seen many stabilizer holders, but this one is by far one of the classiest. Hang it on the wall or on a door. With vinyl pockets, it is easy to see the stabilizer type. Bias covered edges provide both protection and appeal as they match the base fabric. I need one of these, too.

Get the Embroidery Stabilizer Keeper pattern here.

Sewing machine apron pattern.

Photo via Craftsy member Schlosser Designs

Sewing Machine Apron

Another great idea, this sewing machine apron and thread catcher can be customized to your decor and pockets can be adjusted to your needs.

Get the Sewing Machine Apron pattern here.

Thread keeper pattern on

Photo via Craftsy member Curry Bungalow

Thread Catcher

I can see I am going to be busy, because this is another one of those must-have patterns. Thread keeper, scissor keeper, and pin cushion all in one, this gem would be useful to machine and hand sewers, quilters, and embroiderers.

Get the Sew In Style Thread Catcher pattern here.

How do you organize your sewing room?

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14 Responses to “Sew Organized: 4 Patterns to Get Your Sewing Room Back on Track”

  1. Sylvia

    Love to sew

  2. L N Hall

    Thank you for pointing out the 'here' link. It did not look like a hyperlink. Sadly, there is a cost to all the items, these patterns are not included in the membership.

  3. L N Hall

    for a few years now, you indicated the patterns shown on this article page would be coming soon. Define soon. There is still no make it now or get pattern here or anything else that would allow a download.

  4. Mary Ann Yedinak

    HMM. people have commented that these are not patterns that are FREE with any membership here at Craftsy and that has been mentioned as far back as 2020. Shouldn't these be removed as they are totally misleading and NOT something that Craftsy is actually offering to its members? Unless things like this are just part of what happened when changes were made and not actually updated and have no intention of doing so, I would appreciate them being taken away as they are misleading at best, especially when the generic "we are updating daily..." message is repeated for years. Thanks.

  5. Linda M Hill

    When I click on the "Get The Tooly Tool Holder Easel Pattern Here" it takes me to the "Sew Together" web site which wants me to pay $10.00 to download the pattern. I am new to Craftsy but from the many comments that I have seen at different classes, it seems like you do not stay current with the classes offered. How do get this pattern that is offered to me with my premium membership?

  6. JENN

    There are no patterns for the thread catcher it just goes to a generic page

  7. Deborah Denson

    I am trying to download these patterns, too. Any idea why it is taking so long just to link patterns?

  8. Kate Padwick

    Please confirm what the last upload of patterns was that you actually did?? As it appears that it is a very slow process. As mentioned on another post, if you do not have the patterns that link to the article you should remove the article until you do and not use the article to pad out your website. You mention on another reply (another post) that once links are available a link will appear beneath the item. The thread catcher above has a link that says something like 'get the pattern here' but it just takes you back to the article. Really not good enough.

  9. Jolee Wallace

    I can't find the Tooly Tool Holder Easel pattern - I've been looking on and off for 2 months and today I came back hoping it was going to be up. Can someone please at least email it out? I actually joined craftsy for this pattern and would like to start this project.

  10. Kim Guignard

    Hello' and sorry for my English, I'm French. I just took the premium subscription to access the Tool holder sewing pattern. But when I click it takes me back to the home page. How do I do it?