Sew Ready: Machine Basics

Whether you need to solve common sewing machine problems or want to brush up on the anatomy of your machine, Amy Alan covers all the bases in Sew Ready: Machine Basics. In this free Craftsy class presented by Baby Lock, you’ll learn how to thread, clean and use your machine.

Class Preview

Meet Amy Alan & Get Started

Meet Amy and learn the basics of your machine. Learn how to thread your machine and wind your bobbins, along with how to use common features on your machine.

Needles, Feet & Stitches

Get to know different feet and how to use them. Also, learn how to replace your needles and the different stitches that most machines use.


Troubleshoot common problems with ease! Learn how to solve tension problems, needle and thread breakage, crooked seams and other sewing problems.

Machine Maintenance

Now that you’ve learned the basics of using and troubleshooting your machine, learn how to maintain it as well. From oiling to cleaning, you’ll gain insight into machine maintenance and care.

Bonus Downloads:

Sew Ready – Supplies & Resources

Sew Ready – Troubleshooting Guide

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