Que Chula Fabric Basket

Join us for the Sew on the Go mini-series. Learn how to make the Que Chula Fabric Basket with Kathy Cano-Murillo, owner of The Crafty Chica. Make sure to tune-in LIVE every day of the series for a chance to win an Oliso Mini Project Iron!

Click here to download the materials list, patterns, and instructions!

Check out the entire mini-series schedule below. All live events will be available for replay. If you make any of the projects from the series, share with us by using the hashtag #ShareCraftsy on social media!

Series Schedule:

Monday, August 2nd at 2:00 p.m. CT – Iron Cord Wrap

Tuesday, August 3rd at 2:00 p.m. CT – Drawstring Bag

Wednesday, August 4th at 2:00 p.m. CT – Que Chula Fabric Basket

Thursday, August 5th at 2:00 p.m. CT – Tool Caddy

Friday, August 6th at 2:00 p.m. CT – 30 Minute Zipper Pouch

Brought to you by Oliso and Craftsy

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. Sweepstakes are open to legal residents of the 50 United States or District of Columbia, age 18 or older. For Official Rules, click here. Entries must be received between 2:00:00 PM Central Time (“CT”) on 08/02/21 and ends at 3:00:00 PM CT on 08/06/21 (the “Sweepstakes Entry Period”). Void where prohibited by law. Sponsor: TN Marketing LLC.
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241 Responses to “Que Chula Fabric Basket”

  1. smakela19891545

    I’d use the mini iron on the go – I’d put it in the to-go bag with my small Janome sewing machine at hat I take with me EVERYWHERE, including camping. Oooh, i hope I win.

  2. Dalina Stevens
    Dalina Stevens

    I have always wanted one of these little irons for retreats and workshops

  3. Ruth Castleberry
    Ruth Castleberry

    I would love to win a turquoise Oliso iron. I would use it when going to a quilting/sewing group each Monday from 10 am to 4 pm. We make quilts and give the to various places that could use quilts in our city. I hope you choose me and i will make good use of the new little Oliso iron!!!

  4. Jane Zimmerman
    Jane Zimmerman

    I would use the Oliso mini iron by my sewing machine to do quick pressing blocks and to attack applique as i sew. it would bw fantastic for paper piecing pressing.

  5. Shannon Jensen
    Shannon Jensen

    lovely project….plan to make a few for gifts. thanks. the Iron would be incredibly useful

  6. Diana Napier
    Diana Napier

    I would use this iron for quilting on the go. Perfect to take to sewing get togethers. Thanks for the sweepstakes.

  7. Shirley Evans
    Shirley Evans

    Where can we get Cathy’s fabrics from please?? I live in New Zealand so not up in time to see the live tutorial.

  8. Mary Jo Carlton
    Mary Jo Carlton

    I am 69 years old and just started to learn about quilting. It would be so handy to have ansmall iron to use right next to my sewing machine instead of always having to get up and go to the ironinh board. Thanks.

  9. Lily Kamikihara
    Lily Kamikihara

    I would use the mini iron for paper piecing. I noticed that my projects come out much better when I press after sewing each piece.

    • Eirit Zakaim
      Eirit Zakaim

      I would absolutely love having this mini iron for ironing seams quickly and getting back to the project at hand. My iron is so bulky and it is always a drag to get it out and put it away for a small thing

  10. Joan Gourlay
    Joan Gourlay

    I would use a mini iron all the time. Perfect for so many sewing and quilting crafts.

  11. Krystyna Barbera
    Krystyna Barbera

    I would love to have little iron for pressing small pieces in my projects.

  12. Amanda Savoy
    Amanda Savoy

    I’m so excited for this project! I’ve just discovered fabric flowers, for which this mini iron would be perfect!

    • DeAnne W Manning
      DeAnne W Manning

      Great class! Love her stories. She has such cute things. I would use the iron to see zipper pouches, headbands, and hair scrunchies, etc. I cannot walk real well so having a compact iron right beside me would be so helpful.

    • Ellen G Hirsch
      Ellen G Hirsch

      Can’t obtain instructions or material list. Link brings me back to list of online classes

      • Customer Service
        Customer Service

        Hello Ellen,

        I am sorry to hear you are having issues accessing the bonus material. If you follow the link to the list of classes, within each class it will have the bonus materials. You will need to enter in your email address and then click on Download Pattern on the next page. I have provided a direct link below for your convenience:


        If you have any other questions, please email or call Customer Service.



  13. Lydia Arite
    Lydia Arite

    My daughter lives in a tiny home with her family and doesn’t have an iron, this would be perfect for her.

  14. MaryLou Sharp
    MaryLou Sharp

    I caught the last 15 min live and will now go back to see the whole class. Project looks fun and Kathy is a fun teacher! The mini iron is so handy. I would love to win one to work on my sewing projects. Thanks!

  15. Becky chesnut
    Becky chesnut

    I would love to have a mini project iron –I do collage art quilts and it would make my creating go faster.

  16. Kathy Stipe
    Kathy Stipe

    What stores or sites will Kathy’s fabric be available when it comes out for purchase?

  17. Cheryl Fallon
    Cheryl Fallon

    What a great iron to keep by your sewing machine! I definitely would use it for all my sewing projects!

  18. Cathy Miller
    Cathy Miller

    I would love the iron because I love quilting and it requires a lot of piecing. I could iron right beside me machine!!

  19. Kathy Stipe
    Kathy Stipe

    I would use the iron new my sewing machine area. Right now I have to use my iron and ironing board in a totally different room than my sewing area. I would love the convenience of having the compact iron near my sewing projects

  20. Rachel Garate
    Rachel Garate

    Love the iron – I would use it for EVERYTHING I sew for clothing, home decor and appliqués.

  21. Rachel Garate
    Rachel Garate

    Love the iron – I would use it for EVERYTHING I sew for clothing and home decor.

  22. Leonida

    So cute bag. Kind of easy to learn. Love to have that mini iron. Lightweight.

  23. Heidi

    The Oliso Mini iron would be used when I’m embroidering quilt applique squares

  24. Marla

    I would use this mini iron for sewing this basket, the cord wraps & drawstring bags, & so many items!

  25. Gail Keskic
    Gail Keskic

    I would use the iron for any summer project. Especially fun with teaching my daughters to sew.
    Great tutorial today.

  26. Kimberly

    The mini iron would be great when I’m working on doll clothes for my granddaughters.

  27. ANGELA

    This mini iron would be so great for making small clothes for my grandchildren and making bags.

  28. Janet Caldwell
    Janet Caldwell

    I’ve never seen an iron like the Oliso Mini project iron. How great and convenient it would be to have one for those small corners and seam areas to iron the flat. I love the iron holder, perfect for keeping warm and close by. I make masks for my 3 grandkids and their friends, it would make those small masks so much easier and fast to make. WOW I could use one of those. Thanks for featuring it on your show . JMC

  29. Patty Veling
    Patty Veling

    I would love to win the mini iron because it would be handy to have by my machine

  30. Lois A Pikora Mills
    Lois A Pikora Mills

    Great job Kathy! I can’t wait to make mine.

    I know the videos can be watched over and over but how long will the videos be available?

  31. Kathy Mydland
    Kathy Mydland

    One of our family sayings “it will never show on a galloping horse”. We still have many sewers in our families generations after generations.

    • Debra Mowatt
      Debra Mowatt

      Gosh, I will use it for all of my knitting and crochet or, plus during my sewing. I can see carrying this with me while I’m traveling, too.

  32. Tina Givens
    Tina Givens

    Would love this cute & compact iron for my quilting and sewing projects. My granddaughter would love it as well , as I’m teaching her how to sew.

  33. Dolores Glynn
    Dolores Glynn

    Olisio mini iron would be great to take to quilt guild workdays and retreats!

  34. Brenda Kubicki
    Brenda Kubicki

    What a wonderful space saver iron to put in my small sewing space by the sewing machine. Currently have an Oliso Pro itouch iron that I have on my ironing board but have to get up and down from my chair to iron each seam.

  35. Barbara

    I would love the mini iron – I would use it when I go to classes and quilting retreats!

  36. ANNA

    I would use this lovely iron to make this bag. The fabrics are beautiful and I’ll put it to good use during Fiesta here in San Antonio!

  37. Dolores Glynn
    Dolores Glynn

    I still have my first singer machine which is 45 yrs. old and sews beautifully! Love your fabrics.

  38. Francine Rollin
    Francine Rollin

    I love your class and would like a mini iron it look so much fun an easy to use. Thank you for sharing your knoledge.

  39. katkane52@icloud.com

    I would have it sent to my daughter in Texas who is doing so much quilting. It would be such a wonderful surprise that she would love and would be easy for her hands.

  40. Cindy Freeman
    Cindy Freeman

    I would love the Oliso mini iron. It would be so useful for appliqués.

  41. Adeline Marklowitz
    Adeline Marklowitz

    Love the oliso iron, like the blue, videos are fabulous. Would use iron for small projects and pressing blocks. Also for retreats.

  42. Diane GreenPope
    Diane GreenPope

    I would love the mini iron to travel with and also for smaller crafts. I am left handed and I love the way the cord would be out of the way.

  43. Patti Jo
    Patti Jo

    The mini Oliso iron would be ideal to use at retreats on my tv tray ironing board on my mini projects!!!

  44. Mary Dieffenderfer
    Mary Dieffenderfer

    This mini iron would be perfect for appliqué projects! Thank you for the tutorial. 🙂

  45. cindydub

    I make a lot of scrap projects and it would be wonderful to have the mini iron right at my sewing table. Thank you for offering these quick classes

  46. Fern Hilyard
    Fern Hilyard

    I wouldlove to be able use that beautiful iron for sewing project in my teeny tiny sewing space!


    Would Love that little Pink Iron for my projects since I’m new to all of this Love this Sew n Go

  48. Elizabeth Alexander
    Elizabeth Alexander

    That iron would be so handy when sewing on the go at workshops, etc.

  49. Linda Kiselich
    Linda Kiselich

    Loving the demo! That little iron is perfect for my doll clothes sewing!

  50. Diane GreenPope
    Diane GreenPope

    I love the way she is winging the sewing and cutting. Perfect. I always worry when I’m not precise.

  51. LoAnn Trowbridge
    LoAnn Trowbridge

    I would love to win the mini iron. It would be so handy to have next to my sewing machine!

  52. Terri Embrey
    Terri Embrey

    I would use it for retreats and to have by my sewing machine for a quick seam press.

  53. Brenda

    I would like to use this little iron st our craft days once a week at our church. It being light and portable would be very handy. The more portable the better.

  54. jmquann3317961472

    First time, glad I found you. I have one of the mini olisoIove for retreats and next to my machine.

  55. Darlene E. Carlson
    Darlene E. Carlson

    Would love to have it next to my sewing machine to use with my wool mat.

  56. Diane GreenPope
    Diane GreenPope

    I love the colors. I think I would use the light weight foam to give it more structure. I would use the oliso mini iron for sewing projects just like this!!

  57. Rochelle

    This iron is the perfect size for travel as well as small craft projects around the home.

  58. A D Watson
    A D Watson

    Hello from Houston, TX.
    I would use Oliso Mini Project Iron on my travel hand quilting projects as we travel from Houston to College Station at least twice a month to visit our elderly parents. Thanks Craftsy for everything 💕

  59. Judy Chambers
    Judy Chambers

    Our guild’s next retreat is in October. Would love to take the Oliso iron with me! We always work on a QOV quilt.

  60. Jennifer Crawford
    Jennifer Crawford

    I’d love to be able to use this lovely little iron instead of hauling our my huge iron board and regular iron!

  61. rebecca H
    rebecca H

    My iron spat black onto my white quilt fabric yesterday……….oh, could I use the new little one!

  62. Brenda

    This mini iron would be a perfect addition to my sewing area by my machine enabling me to iron as I go without getting up to iron each seam saving time.

    • Nanci

      New to craftsy shows, love it! Love the iron looks like it is light weight to help with painful wrist.

  63. Kathleen Donsing
    Kathleen Donsing

    The Oliso iron are perfect for sewing for antique doll cloths & reproduction French fashion garments for reproduction dolls.
    Great size iron for quick pressing small seams near sewing area.
    Thank you so much

  64. Carolynn Weinert
    Carolynn Weinert

    We have a three story house with my main sewing room in the attic. I would love to have one downstairs for my quick and/or summer sewing.

  65. Marla

    I would love to win the mini iron. I really want to sew this after my right foot is out of an air cast boot. 😀

  66. Ty Sonnamaker
    Ty Sonnamaker

    I had one of the big irons and knocked it off and it shattered. Im anxiously waiting for the new iron. In the meantime I would love to have the mini to use until I get the big one.

  67. Janet Cates
    Janet Cates

    I would love to have the Oliso iron on the mat beside my sewing machine for doing all of the pressing that I have to do while sewing. I think maybe it would keep me from burning my fingers quite so often!!

  68. Lois A Pikora Mills
    Lois A Pikora Mills

    Had trouble signing on today 😢

    I’m excited for today’s demo.I would love to win an iron to use in my weekly quilting classes. It will be so easy for travel.

  69. Shiela Jarrells
    Shiela Jarrells

    I would love to win this iron. I do crafts and sew a lot and have always want one of these. It would make projects so much easier. Thank You!

  70. Cecelia Remedios
    Cecelia Remedios

    I would use this iron for all my sewing projects.
    and quick touch ups where necessary

  71. Armeta Lister
    Armeta Lister

    The aikido Iron will work great at the Quilt Retreats or places my iron will go with me while I Quilt!

  72. Sandra Navarrete
    Sandra Navarrete

    I would love to win the oliso iron so I could make some nice craftsy projects

  73. Margie Rhoden
    Margie Rhoden

    I do a LOT of applique on my quilt blocks and can use a mini iron close to my sewing machine while I sew

  74. Vicki Husbands
    Vicki Husbands

    Great little iron for taking to class, or just using next to my sewing machine.

  75. debsdakota@yahoo.com

    I just got back into quilting…the oliso mini would be perfect for my projects!

  76. Cecelia Remedios
    Cecelia Remedios

    Wow!!!! this iron is perfect for any project. Love that is has a pad to set on too.


    love to have this mini iron for my granddaughter who is going to take sewing class in fall.thanks

  78. Gail

    I have the large iron and love it would love to use the small one for piecing my quilting

  79. Kathy Mydland
    Kathy Mydland

    Looking forward to today’s class. Hoping to win a mini iron to use anywhere, any time.

  80. Susan Sarti
    Susan Sarti

    Hi! Can’t wait to learn this technique! I would love to win the Oliso mini iron as it would make crafting much easier with my arthritic hands.

  81. Patti Reichenbach
    Patti Reichenbach

    Thank you! Looking forward to the class. The mini iron looks amazing!

  82. VERONICA mcgrath
    VERONICA mcgrath

    I would use this cute little iron placed next to me as I piece my daughters birthday quilt.

  83. laurette brissett
    laurette brissett

    Wonderful set of instruction and the iron looks like it would be very helpful.

  84. Deb Ries
    Deb Ries

    First time seeing this., I need to become a member so I can get more tutorials. Love to sew.

  85. Martha M Bryce
    Martha M Bryce

    This is a darling project. I’m fond of the Muerte des Diaz figures and this captures the colors and style that makes the Day of the Dead festive.

  86. Janet Arceneaux
    Janet Arceneaux

    1st of all the Mini Iron
    Names – “Mini and Mighty” or “M&M”
    “M&M” would become a tag-along for my classes and a tag-along for my projects
    I am looking forward for “M&M” to become part of my Oliso Family!!!!

  87. Victoria

    Hi looks good but no point of Canadians cannot participate fully including contests and draws.

  88. Yvonne Du Plessis
    Yvonne Du Plessis

    Looking forward to learn how to make this – need one for all my artsy stuff

  89. Valerie Johse
    Valerie Johse

    This should be fun. I’ve been wanting to learn how to make these. Unfortunately, the link for the pattern and materials did not work. ???

    • Jessica Sprague
      Jessica Sprague

      Hi Valerie! There’s a couple steps you need to take. Once you click on the link, you’ll see a list of all of the patterns. Please click the image of the pattern you’d like to download. Then you’ll be taken to a page where you will enter your email to unlock the pattern. Then you’ll be able to click “Download Pattern.” I hope this helps!