Iron Cord Wrap

Join us for the Sew on the Go mini-series. Learn how to make an iron cord wrap with Sue O’Very-Pruitt of Sookie Sews. Make sure to tune-in LIVE every day of the series for a chance to win an Oliso Mini Project Iron!

Click here to download the materials list, patterns, and instructions!

Check out the entire mini-series schedule below. All live events will be available for replay. If you make any of the projects from the series, share with us by using the hashtag #ShareCraftsy on social media!

Series Schedule:

Monday, August 2nd at 2:00 p.m. CT – Iron Cord Wrap

Tuesday, August 3rd at 2:00 p.m. CT – Drawstring Bag

Wednesday, August 4th at 2:00 p.m. CT – Que Chula Fabric Basket

Thursday, August 5th at 2:00 p.m. CT – Tool Caddy

Friday, August 6th at 2:00 p.m. CT – 30 Minute Zipper Pouch

Brought to you by Oliso and Craftsy

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. Sweepstakes are open to legal residents of the 50 United States or District of Columbia, age 18 or older. For Official Rules, click here. Entries must be received between 2:00:00 PM Central Time (“CT”) on 08/02/21 and ends at 3:00:00 PM CT on 08/06/21 (the “Sweepstakes Entry Period”). Void where prohibited by law. Sponsor: TN Marketing LLC.
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209 Responses to “Iron Cord Wrap”

  1. Roberta Brown
    Roberta Brown

    Loved the drawstring bag video and if I would win the small iron I would use it to do my small squares, my projects: masks, snappy bags, purses, et mc. I have RSDS in both of my hands, sometimes it is very hard for me to hold a large iron. I think using the smaller iron would be a lot easier and it would be great to use with my wool pad. Thanks for the opportunity to win one free.

  2. Iris Cohen
    Iris Cohen

    Find these short courses really interesting but unfortunately buying the osilo iron is a bit problematic as it not readily available where I live and it also costs a lot to ship.

  3. Annette France
    Annette France

    I think the bamboo pointer is brilliant. I have just stareted quilting and the mini iron will b invaluable

  4. Susan Terry Kruse
    Susan Terry Kruse

    I just discovered these tutorials, and am very excited to watch on Wednesday, Aug. 4th, as well as the rest of the week. Thank you so much!

  5. Jenifer Dyer
    Jenifer Dyer

    I would love to have a small iron to have near my sewing machine so that I didn’t have to get up and down to go to my old fashion cupboard ironing board. I would probably get a small wool mat to iron on and a small iron would be perfect for table use.

  6. Patty

    Hi from Beaver Dam Wisconsin. I would like to have this iron by me while quilting to save time from getting up and down to go to an ironing board.

  7. Emma Amundson
    Emma Amundson

    I’m interested in trying this iron especially while I’m traveling or where an iron isn’t available.

  8. Emma Amundson
    Emma Amundson

    I’m interested in trying this iron especially while I’m traveling or where an iron isn’t available.

  9. Helen Shouse
    Helen Shouse

    I go sewing on retreats with my sewing sisters a small olio iron would great

  10. Kathryn Johnson
    Kathryn Johnson

    Wow what a nice give away! I am 72 and have arthritis in my hands. That would be a great iron to have. Love the cord cover. Love Craftsy too. Will have to join today.

  11. Shelley Davis
    Shelley Davis

    I would love an oil so iron especially for quilting. How handy and convenient the small size would be.

  12. Christine

    I would use the mini Oliso iron next to my sewing machine for quilt piecing

  13. Glenna Gray
    Glenna Gray

    Hello. I love this iron. Would love to have it to take to our weekly sewing/quilting club!! Enjoying the video!

  14. Jocelyne Coutu
    Jocelyne Coutu

    I started to quilt not long ago and would really need this Oliso iron for all the pressing I have to do. Hope being Canadian that I have a chance to win. Love Craftsy.

  15. Lydia Arite
    Lydia Arite

    I would use that Olisa mini at work, I cut out and sew a lot at lunch and it would work great!

  16. Eveline DOIRON
    Eveline DOIRON

    Love this video and if I would win the small iron I would use it to do my small squares, my projects: masks, welder’s cap etc. Thanks for the opportunity to win one free.

  17. Chris McCaskill
    Chris McCaskill

    It would be great to use at the Quilting group at Church quilting and teaching young Ladies how to use an iron, sometimes for the first time.

  18. Rita

    Would love the smaller iron for small projects to iron next to use next to my sewing machine .

  19. Marilynn Jones
    Marilynn Jones

    My quilt shop doesn’t provide irons for the sewing bees. I would love to have the Aliso Mini Iron to use for classes & our sewing bees. Thank you.

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  20. rittaknapp

    I am always going to sewing classes or events. The Oliso would be the perfect companion for sewing on the go.

  21. Rita Montgomery
    Rita Montgomery

    I would love to win the iron. I would keep it close by the machine so I didn’t have to get up and down all the time.

  22. Muriel Attwood
    Muriel Attwood

    I like using a mini iron to iron seam binding when making the circular towels I make.

    • Betty Crumpton
      Betty Crumpton

      Would help when I do all my hand sewing.Its not heavy and would help because of my hands.When they get stiff

  23. Diane GreenPope
    Diane GreenPope

    I would love the iron to use with my quilting and sewing projects. its the perfect size to keep right next to the sewing machine. Thank you!

  24. C Thomas
    C Thomas

    Enjoying your project today. The mini iron would be great for all my sewing projects.

  25. Brenda Beall
    Brenda Beall

    Would love this..I hope to use at quilting classes at our local library…

  26. June Smith
    June Smith

    I would use the mini iron for everything I do. Can’t think of any craft (except painting) that I do where it wouldn’t be so useful. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  27. Gail Beam
    Gail Beam

    Looking forward to seeing all of the projects presented. The mini Oliso iron would be so wonderful to use for any place that a regular iron would not fit and love that it has steam.

  28. Jennifer M Crawford
    Jennifer M Crawford

    I’d love to use this for quilting instead of pulling our my big iron!

  29. Sandy

    Would use this iron for all my smaller ironing projects—especially for quilt piecing where a small iron would work perfectly!

  30. Patricia

    Can you share again about the wax that you used….is there a link? I’ve never used but I think it would be wonderful!

  31. Anita Torres
    Anita Torres

    I will be using it to iron linen. I have a bad neck and I need a small iron to do so. The large are too heavy.

  32. Susan Penrose
    Susan Penrose

    I would use the Mini iron for using for projects where i only need to press like this project requires so I don’t need to set up an ironing board. It would work perfect with the mini ironing boards. It also would be perfect for traveling.

  33. Randi

    I will be using the mini Oliso iron for my next quilting project making a quilt for our bed!

  34. Linda Maddox
    Linda Maddox

    I have enjoyed your projects. If this is where we sign up for a chance to win a mini oilso iron . Had a large one that die on me this past week. Would love to win this. Thank you

  35. Evelyn Smalls
    Evelyn Smalls

    i would like to be entered in the Oliso Iron contest and it would be perfect for my doll making projects

  36. Glenda Hurley
    Glenda Hurley

    I would use the iron for multi projects. Crafts, garment, travel and sewing worships.

    • Molly Fox
      Molly Fox

      My mini iron the light comes on as soon as it’s plugged innot when I turn the iron on, I don’t think that’s how it should work. Do I need to get a new one? Thanks.

  37. Miriam

    Miriam Peaster – I would use the mini-iron to help me with making ties and other smaller projects (like hair accessories, straps, and stuffed animals). My current iron is starting to fall apart, so for now I would probably try to use the mini one for all of my projects 😅.

  38. Paula Bohan
    Paula Bohan

    How do I enter the draw? I would love to have a baby Oliso to take on retreats!

  39. Veronica McGrath
    Veronica McGrath

    I would take it with me to my sewing buddies home when we sew together!

  40. Sharon Milzoff
    Sharon Milzoff

    I would love to own the Oliso mini! Looks great, will use for holiday gifts! Thank you Craftsy and Oliso

  41. Doreen Sherk
    Doreen Sherk

    I like mine, I use it if I sew in another part of the house or when I travel or taking classes. I s easy to transport.

  42. Patricia

    I would love to get the Oliso….can you share the differences between them?

  43. Michele Muska
    Michele Muska

    Hi Everyone! It’s Michele from Oliso, the Director of Content and Community Relations. I just wanted to welcome everyone to the first of our 5 days of fun and useful projects to keep us all organized. Thanks to everyone at Craftsy and to Sue for a fun project! Good luck on winning one of our cute mini project irons.

  44. tamkud11658184

    I’m not able to locate the pattern. The link takes me to the other class offerings.

  45. Shirlett Phoenix
    Shirlett Phoenix

    I have really enjoyed the several Oliso irons I have used for many years and the mini would have to be great as well for travel, small projects and teaching my 4 granddaughters to sew!!

  46. Joy

    I have the pink Oliso. I use it in my sewing studio for all my pressing needs. I would use the mini Oliso in my cutting studio for all pressing needs in that room and of course for traveling.

  47. Brenda Stokes
    Brenda Stokes

    Love the little iron. Would use next to my machine and take to other places I sew and quilt. Like weekly at the church for community service projects. Loving the video. Even with technical problems. Thank you!

  48. Devyani


  49. Cara Tanaka
    Cara Tanaka

    I would love to add this iron to my “go to” sewing tools. I have just started sewing AG doll clothes, so this would be perfect.

  50. ASHLI

    I’d use this little iron on all my little projects. Press all my seams while learning to sew. Crafty has been so educational

  51. Kelly McMaster
    Kelly McMaster

    I had a new grandson born last week. The Oliso would be perfect for tiny clothes.

  52. Barbara Hoff
    Barbara Hoff

    I would use it to do crafts and quilts that require frequent pressing while making it.

  53. Alicia

    I would use the mini iron with my daughters. I would take it to dance competitions for last minute touchups on costumes and I would use it for the doll clothes I am learning to make with my youngest daughter for her dolls.

  54. Rita Diaz
    Rita Diaz

    I would use the iron to learn how to sew. I have a question. I’m trying to make a cosmetic bag but the corners pinch with the zipper. how do I fix that.

  55. Linda

    I have a very small sewing space, I would love to use the iron in my room, I am a beginner bag maker, this would be so useful.

  56. Cynthia Knight
    Cynthia Knight

    Would love to have to use when traveling to my friend’s house for working on charitable projects… tank dresses for needy girls in the Philippines.

  57. Angie Wing
    Angie Wing

    What a great little iron for all kinds of projects! I have the original Olso which I love. The iron cord is a wonderful project for so many uses!

  58. Barbara Patterson
    Barbara Patterson

    I would use the Oliso iron for sewing projects, particularly when I am traveling with my projects.

  59. Jo

    I do fabric crafts to raise funds for animal rescue and often make crafts while in booths at craft fairs. The Oliso mini iron would be AWESOME to take to the fairs with me!

  60. Connie V
    Connie V

    I think that one of the best things about this court Kuyper is that it has the loop to remain attached to your cord even when not in use, well done

  61. Donna Fecteau
    Donna Fecteau

    I would love to win the Oliso mini iron. I am part of two quilting groups and would love to have a traveling iron to take along with me to those events. I do a lot of paperpiecing which involves a lot of walking over to and waiting to use the one iron usually set up at the events.

  62. Kathleen Poe
    Kathleen Poe

    Hi I would love to win the iron to make quilts with. my iron is over 20 years old and the cord has been replaced due to mischevious grandson with a pair of scissors,

  63. Susan Sarti
    Susan Sarti

    I would use the wonderful Oliso Mini Project Iron for appliques and sewing.

  64. Connie Viesselman
    Connie Viesselman

    I’d love to have the iron or use the iron next to me while sewing so I don’t have to get up and walk around to iron seems as a quilt and also it would be a wonderful addition to my traveling sewing kit

  65. Linda White
    Linda White

    Have not seen this iron before. What are the special features that everyone likes about it?

  66. Cheryl Bow
    Cheryl Bow

    A couple of my friends have one of these irons and have used them at quilt retreats. I have had iron envy since then. Thanks for the fun informational videos.

  67. Jenny

    Would love to win an iron. Excited for freeing sewing instruction for useful items.

  68. Peggy Kaler
    Peggy Kaler

    So excited about these projects for gift giving. I would love the small iron to use for these and other sewing.


    I would love to win the Oliso iron! I would use it ton my sewing projects.

  70. eileen costello
    eileen costello

    liked it when i could just buy classes i was interested in and keep for life


      It starts at 2:00 CENTRAL TIME. So it depends on where you are locate in the country as to your LOCAL time for it to start.

  71. Miranda Mendez
    Miranda Mendez

    Super excited for these mini series!! I love going to classes in person but online ones are just as great! And I always live learning and making new things.

  72. Annette Canonica
    Annette Canonica

    LOVE my large Oliso Iron – would be great to win a small one for my retreats!

  73. lowpaidnu16965100

    I’m new to sewing so I hope this is easy to understand. Look forward to learning

    • Muriel Attwood
      Muriel Attwood

      I love a mini iron for small garments. I would use it for children’s clothes